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ASK Cubby, 02.19.2014, Version- You Ask The Questions, I Make Up Crazy Stuff

“Ess-one sound

I saw you guys reviewing this product the ess-one and I don’t know if you guys could help me with this or maybe I am just bothering the hell out of you guys
But how did you get your pc to see the device?
Mine doesn’t even see it to actually load any new sounds in, any help would be great
Sean B.”

Cubby- Yo hey Sean, cool to hear you are joining the realism revolution with your ESS-One Engine Sound Module.

While the quality of the engine noises is top notch on the ESS-One, one thing it is lacking is a quality program to manage it. Parts of the RC Plus program that is used to make changes is written in Chinese, with no option to make it all English. However, it is one of the first of its kind and is bound to have some teething pains. Don’t worry, there will be plenty more to sound modules to follow it, hopefully they make multiple language options a priority.

So… how did we get our “pc” to recognize our ESS-One? Our computer did not recognize the sound module when we first plugged it in, so we went to the Sense Innovations website and downloaded the “RC Plus” sound module management program. Once we had downloaded the program our computer could then see our sound module and we were good to go from there. If you have done that already with no luck, contact the crew over at Team Associated. They distribute a version of the ESS-One and should be able to walk you through any problems. If Team AE won’t help ya, contact Sense Innovations directly.

“I’m a noob.
I’m looking at getting a good, durable RC car. I don’t want it to be too expensive either. I’m looking at the Losi 1/14th Mini 8ight. Is this a good choice for bashing?
Ian L.”

Cubby- Is the Losi Mini 8IGHT buggy a good basher? Heck yes it is! It has loads of power, handles well, and is fairly durable. However, if you can swing another $30 I would opt for the Mini 8IGHT-T ($279). The truggy version is quite a bit larger and comes with AVC stability control, making it much more versatile when bashing in rough areas. Also, the truggy version allows the use of normal 10th scale buggy tires. There is a huge array of tires available for 10th scale buggies and its nice to have that versatility on of the 8IGHT-T.

If both of them are stretching your budget, I would highly recommend the brushed ECX Ruckus 4×4. No, it is not brushless so it won’t be as fast, but it is much larger than the Losi Minis making it more capable in typical bash areas. The brushed Torment 4×4 is $239, saving ya around $10 bucks off the Mini 8IGHT buggy, and is huge fun. Whatever you end up getting shoot us some pics of some nasty big air.

Hey, that’s it ya freaks. If you are feeling particularly frisky, shoot me an email at Cubby at If your letter makes the big time on our front page you’ll win a free sticker pack. More importantly, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you win a BSRC t-shirt!

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