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ASK Cubby, 03.06.2014, Version- Whoa There Einstein!

ASK Cubby

“redcat terremoto
You have reviewed the monsoon xte, and that was utter crap, But ive seen from some owners say its pretty good? maybe give it a shot?
Ari R.”

Cubby- Congrats Ari, your email has just won the A-Main for being letter of the month. Shoot Brian your snail mail so he can hook you up with a BSRC t-shirt.

Ya ya, I used to lump all RedCat product into one category, junk. A RedCat received the lowest review score we’ve ever issued, but since then we’ve used other RedCat products that weren’t quite as bad. However, RedCat isn’t sending us any review product, I presume because I have bad mouthed them in the past. So… we sure as heck aren’t going to waste perfectly good American currency on them, so you can quit holding your breathe for a review, it just isn’t going to happen. And if we are unwilling to spend money on them, that should tell you something about what you should do with your cash. Just say’n…

“B-list shootout
You guys have reviewed so many vehicles from newer, cheaper brands. I was dead-set on a Helion Dominus but your CasterRC 4WD SCT review led me to their website where they had a roller version listed; pretty much what I’ve been looking for.

However, I don’t really know how it would fair against the other 4WD SCTs you’ve reviewed. I mean I could reread all the articles, but it seems like they were written in comparison to someone buying a Slash or an SC10. Which makes sense but I ain’t got that kinda money. I’m on a HobbyKing sort of budget. It would be nice to do a shootout between the HK sct and all the other “B-list” brands.
Derek C.
PS, I apologize if you’ve already done this. I am drunk at a bar and your blog keeps crashing my Chrome.”

Cubby- Yo to the yo Derek, your email is amazingly readable, even though it was written in your altered state. Sadly you failed to mention what you were drinking. “Sigh”

A B-List shootout, yup, I totally dig that one.

I think it can be argued that people tend to only think in their own price point. People with 200k sitting their bank accounts tend to forget about the guys that don’t really want to spend over $200 on a new truck. While the $200 truck guys tend to forget about the guys who can go buy a couple of 5th scalers, with all the uber trimmings, and not even notice the cash missing from their account. And… I think us guys here at BigSquidRC are guilty of the same thing. We tend to test/review/shootout more mid-range products, and not very many on the extreme low and high ends.

Thanks for the wake-up call Derek, we’ll see what we can do about your shootout.

That’s it for yet another week of ASK Cubby. Feel free to shoot me an email, Cubby at and it will get read by one of my minions, who will then delete 99% of them, leaving just the creme of the crop (LOL) for me to actually read. If your letter does make our front page you’ll win a free sticker pack, and if your email stands above all others, it will be selected as “letter of the month”, which will win you a brand spank’n new BSRC t-shirt.

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