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ASK Cubby, 03.26.2014, Version- Better Call Cubby

“Witch kit to pick

Hey Cubby

I am in the market for a 1/10 scale stadium truck and I have narrowed it down to the arrma vortex BLS or the AE T4.2 RTR. I am just a general basher and I do have a small track at my house. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated.

Erich D.”

Cubby- Well hey there Erich, congrats on making the big time, shoot us your snail mail so we can shoot you out a BSRC sticker pack.

So what’s my opinion on the ARRMA Vorteks BLS vs an Associated T4.2 Brushless RTR?

I will start with the AE. The Associated has some serious upsides. It handles as well as anything in the class, there are a lot of parts on hobby shop shelves, and there are a lot of hop-up parts out there for it.

For the ARRMA, it also handles quite well, perhaps better than the AE for bashing purposes. Like the AE it has loads of power on tap but it does have one distinct advantage- it can take a beating better, thus requiring less replacement parts.

In my mind, if you are looking for handling above all else, go with the T4.2, if you are looking for a truck that is a better basher, cut the check on the ARRMA.

“Pro-MT 3s LiPo Compatibility


I purchased the Pro-MT and love it. I already had some 2s batteries that make it run great. I wanted to try it with 3s. I was wondering if you could recommend some other 3s batteries for the Pro-mt that might be a little more budget friendly than the ones you used in your review.

Thanks for your great reviews. I’m still really new to the RC scene and it’s great to have a place with so many in-depth reviews.

Stephen L.”

Cubby- Heyyyyy now Stephen thanks for the email. We’ve got a sticker pack wait’n for ya if you shoot us a snail mail addy.

So… you are looking for an affordable 3S pack for your Pro-Line PRO-MT. First off, props on picking up a PRO-MT, even to this day it continues to amaze us. It handles so well and does everything we ask of it (read- roof jumps, full speed demo-derby, etc) with minimal breakage. The P-L crew definitely got the PRO-MT right.

Ok… to finally get too your question. From first hand experience, This Is The LiPo I would recommend to you. That is a link to a Dynamite Reaction 30C 3S 5000mAh pack. It has a street price of $69, which isn’t the cheapest you can find, but from using several of them over the last few months I can say that they have good voltage under load, good runtime, and can take some serious bashing without venting internally (puffing/swelling). No, it isn’t the best pack on the market, but it does have some serious rip (and doesn’t hit the wallet too hard).

And yes, that’s all folks. You can submit your questions to Cubby at BigSquidRC dot com. Next week I’ll be picking a “Letter of the Month” winner so get those emails on the way!

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