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ASK Cubby, 06.19.2014, Version- Your Weekly Questions, My Weakly Answers

ASK Cubby

“How come doesn’t have?

Hey Cubby,
Why isn’t there a section on to help out noobs like myself? I see articles saying to help us out if we’re at the track or the local bash spot, and that’s great! The problem is we don’t always know if the info we’re getting is on the money! So how about a section full of tips and tricks for the new to rc guys? Such as Li-Po care, taping and mounting tyres, general maintenance and proper cleaning tips, etc etc. I know it’d help me out being able to come to a reliable, knowledgeable site such as this one (sucking up much? I know but I could use a sticker pack!) Keep up the great work keeping us to date with the latest news and reviews.
Dan N.”

Cubby- Ummmmmm…. you got us Dan. I dig your idea, we do need a tab at the top of our page that just says “Noobs Click Here”.

There are already a bunch of resources on-line for noobs. Heck, there are probably 2 thousand videos on YouTube on how to glue up tires. However…. none of them are from our unique BSRC perspective (although not a video, you can check out my recent tire gluing article HERE).

So ya, I dig your idea, I’ll try and get Adam “The Intern” on it for you and for all the other noobies out there.

“What’s going on with Duratrax

Hi Cubby,
I just picked up a SCREAMING deal on a new DTX 835e roller. $107. I have been looking for a budget 1/8 RC for a while, and most of the web time on these cars is pretty good, save one issue. Parts.

I am no stranger to Duratrax. I have an Evader that I have really enjoyed. It’s brushless, and with a few modifications (TBone Racing Bumpers), it is durable and probably as bullet proof as most other RC’s . . . . they all break. Back to my 835e. I looked at Tower Hobbies and many parts are on order. On the forums, everyone gripes about parts availability The 835e seems like a flagship RC for them . . . . if you look at their website.

So what’s up with Duratrax? As much fun as I have head with the Evader, it seems like they are always shooting themselves in the foot, either selling a vehicle that requires mods which should probably come from the factory, or selling really nice vehicles but not managing their supply line.

I wish I ran that company. I would whip them into shape.
Patrick C.”

Cubby- Congrats on making the big-time Patrick, shoot us your snail mail and we’ll rush you out a BSRC sticker pack.

So…. after skimming your letter, I guess you want to know why parts support isn’t better at Duratrax?

And the answer is…. I have no idea. I don’t work there, and the people I know that do, well, they would certainly keep all the parts in stock if they could. However… you know me, I love to speculate/talk-smack, so I’ll just do some of that.

The Duratrax 835E is/was a solid buggy. It handled decent, had nice power on tap, and could be bashed fairly hard without it breaking. In fact, it nearly won our “Bash Vehicle of the Year” last year, it’s a solid basher. However… since it came out, we haven’t heard much about it. No Duartrax upgrade parts, not much support from the aftermarket, and no new off-shoots of the platform. It seems like they brought a bunch into the states, pushed it hard for a few months, then sort of forgot about it.

Hobbico is number one for a reason, they have their act together. But even with the best of companies things can get overlooked. In the case of your buggy, they flew off dealers shelves, put up good numbers, now it sounds like they didn’t bring in enough parts for all the buggies they sold.

So.. what should you do about parts??? Well….. if you can’t get’em through the normal channels do what you just did, buy another buggy at a “Screaming” deal. If you can secure another buggy on the cheap you’ll have plenty of spare parts at very reasonable price. Otherwise, I suggest giving the folks over at Duratrax an email or phone to let’em know how much you dig your DTX products, but how you may no longer be able to support them because you can’t find replacement parts.

Ok, so I’ve probably got more time to answer letters, but due to my insanely lazy nature, I’m calling it a day. Submit your letters/questions/b!tching/complaints/rants to Cubby at You’ll win cool stuff if your letter hits our front page, if it doesn’t, at least you’ll know some intern scanned over it before hitting delete.

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