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ASK Cubby, 12.04.2014, Version- Your Freaky Questions, My Geeky Answers

“Electric offroad car/truck/buggy

I am Zander. I am looking for an offroad, 4WD, electric rc car that should be fast, quite low so that it wont fall over easily on turns, waterproof electronics, good suspension so that it could do a little bit of rock crawling, etc. Pretty much an all rounder, rock racer, rock crawling offroad 4wd car/truck or whatever. Its should be atleast 4s lipo .. but i want a car that can do anything. I am looking at the Traxxas Summit and the Axial Yeti XL, looking to get the Yeti XL but not sure yet. It can be any size and any cost .. just please give me your suggestions even if its not listed above. Please reply and help me asap !

Thank You
Zann The Man”

Cubby- Yo hey “Zann Da Man”, the Zan-lander, the Zan-meister, Sir Zan-a-lot, and Mr Zannish House Mafia, thanks for the email, I have proclaimed yours as “Letter of the Month”, hit us up with your snail mail and t-shirt size so we can give you the hook up.

So… you want a vehicle that can do everything well and has zero downsides. Nice wish ya have there buddy. The biggest problem that I see from your letter is that you want it low so it won’t traction roll, yet want it high so you can crawl with it. Those two things just do not exist in one vehicle. Yes, the Yeti series from Axial comes closest and does a solid job, but they still traction roll at speed on high bite surfaces. You can change them to not traction roll, then they lose some of their rock crawling prowess.

So (#2)… you say cost is no object, so I am gonna say skip the dumb stuff and do it right, get two different vehicles. Vehicle #1 will be your insane crazy power 6S rig that can blast down trails at 60 mph and can bust out gargantuan jumps. Set it up low and stiff so it doesn’t traction roll, and it should make for a burly high speed machine. For vehicle #1 I am gonna recommend the ARRMA Kraton to you.

Vehicle #2 is your insane throw boulders out of the way, climb over all the crazy stuff yet can do 50 mph on the trail rock racer. This would of course be the Axial Yeti XL.

With those two machines in the back of your pick-up truck you will be dialed for everything you are looking for.

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“Graupner Monster Truck review perhaps?

Hello Guys,

My name is Johnny and I don’t want to waste too much of your time, hence let me give a little compliment and then get to my question. I’ve been following your site for a year or two, love it, love the reviews you guys do and all the interesting articles you write, the wit and humor is always appreciated.

As I am currently in Germany I was browsing the Graupner site and found their new ‘WP Hyper Monster Truck Electric’ Monster truck. I tried searching your website for it and think you guys didn’t get a chance to review it yet, I would love to know if it can keep up with the other well rated trucks you guys bashed.

Thanks for your time and greets to all the good folks at Big Squid RC!

Happy Thanksgiving,
Johnny H.”

Cubby- The truck you are talking about is known better as the Hobao/Ofna Hyper MT Electric here in the states. Over in Europe Graupner is one of the distributors for the truck, and ya, it’s a big gnarly 8th scale brushless MT that should be on par with trucks like the Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3, ARRMA Kraton, and Traxxas E-Revo.

We basically don’t hear a thing from the Hobao/Ofna people here at BigSquidRC. I can’t say if they hate us, or just don’t want to deal with us, all I know is they don’t talk to us, ever. That still wouldn’t keep us from buying one of their trucks and reviewing it, but it certainly doesn’t make us want to rush out and try one either. So ya, don’t hold your breathe on us reviewing one, but if you pick one up shoot us an email and let us know if it was worth the cash or not.

Well there ya go, yet another ASK Cubby is in the books. You can shoot me an email at Cubby at I have a slew of interns who wade through the muck and pick some choice emails for me to read, some of which will eventually hit the big time on our front page. If your email somehow slips through the cracks and makes our front page you’ll get a free sticker pack, and if yours ends up like Zann The Man’s and is “Letter of the Month” you’ll win an uber BSRC t-shirt.

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