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ASK Cubby, 12.11.2014, Version- Skimming Your Letters, Skimping On Answers

“Charger Comparison

Hi, I just wanted your thought since you’re the only website I have seen conduct reviews on these two chargers. I am looking at the Hitec X1 Pro with power supply and the Hitec X1 Touch.

These are two very different chargers and wanted to know if you had to choose between the two which one would you recommend?

Thank you,
Curt H.”

Cubby- Yo hey Curt, thanks for the email and be sure to shoot us your snail mail for a pretty dern slick BSRC sticker pack.

About the Hitec battery chargers, I use the X1 Pro on a daily basis. Why? Because it takes up very little space on my pit table and can charge at a fairly high rate, 16 amps. I am one of those guys that hates to wait for batteries to charge so the extra power is a big plus to me.

The X1 Touch gets a lot of use by Iron Mike. Mikeee is very different than myself, he doesn’t really care about power, what he does care about is ease of use. The X1 Touch is one of the easiest to use chargers on the market, making it easy for Mikeee to charge a bunch of different types of packs at different rates without having to reach for the manual.

So there ya have it, both are solid chargers in their own way, the best one for you depends on your personal tastes.

“Pro-Line PRO-MT

First off, I love your page. I wish I had a group like you on the west coast. I’ve been into RC for a couple of years now (aka I’m poor,) and I really want to pick up a Pro-Line Pro-MT. In your review of the Pro-MT, you list a Savox SV-1270TG which is 361 oz/in of torque at 6.0V. I know the crawler guys really say anything over 200 oz/in of torque from a servo and you should install a higher end BEC (like castle creations for $20) and bypass the ESC internal BEC.

Would that be the same in the case for the Pro-MT? I couldn’t find any data on what the output is from the Castle internal BEC.


Northern CA”

Cubby- Yes, we definitely threw a beast of a servo in our Pro-Line PRO-MT for the review. The PRO-MT is a high-end bash machine and we wanted to make sure there was more than enough crank on those big front tires. We ran the big Savox (which are known to be power hungry) off a Castle Creations Max Pro SCT speedo and didn’t experience any issues with brown-outs or glitching. And no, we didn’t run any extra caps or a separate BEC, we just hooked it up and drove the tar out of it.

And ya I know, so many internet experts will say, “OMG, use a 300oz Savox and you will HAVE to use a separate BEC!!!”. And while yes, in some applications you would, I’m from the school of ignoring people like that and simply trying it first. If you hook it up and get some glitching or your ESC falters, go ahead and put a BEC in, if you don’t have any issues just keep on truck’n. An ounce of first hand knowledge is worth more than 10,000 pounds of internet speculation.

That’s it ya bunch of lunatics, shoot your emails to Cubby at Make the big time like Dave and Curt did today and you’ll get a free sticker pack, be declared as “Letter of the Month” and we’ll even send you a free BSRC t-shirt (one of the new uber cool ones).

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