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ASK Cubby, 12.18.2014, Version- Cryptic Questions, Contrary Answers

“Hey guys do u know of a 120mm+ shock similar to gmade zeros. I was searching for some for my scale monster truck build and I couldn’t find any in stock so I emailed gmade directly and the response I got was the zero shocks are no longer in production. It seems there is a big phase out of a lot of rc parts lately when it comes to aftermarket support for solid axle monster trucks.


Cubby- Yo hey Spud-ster, thanks for the email.

You don’t mention the size of your scale monster truck build, thus making an answer a bit tough. So… I’m gonna boil it down this way. If it’s a tenth scale build (with Stampede sized tires) I’d go with Pro-Line Powerstrokes if you are looking for performance. These use the same diameter shafts as the G-Made and are 118mm in length. They look cool and perform even better.

If you are looking for a bit more “scale” look I would probably cut the check for some King Series Shocks from RC4WD. These truly look scale, come in a 120mm length, and have beefy 3.9mm shafts.

However… if your MT build is 8th scale (using E-Maxx/Revo/Clod sized tires) I would go with heavier shocks than any of those listed above. The bigger/heavier tires require some significantly beefier shocks, in this case I would buy a set of 8th scale truggy shocks and never look back. Heck, if I was looking for an extra gnarly look on a tenth scaler, I would use them there too.

“exceed rc 6×6 mad crawler?

My name is chris my girlfriend is buying me the exceed rc 6×6 for christmas. obviously haven’t gotten it yet but looking already for some simple hop ups, my question is i have searched countless hours for a scale body that will “fit” with very little moding please help me as far as bodies for that beast please

by the way I want to replace all motors with 45 turns will the esc handle it you think? And one last question wanting to go with bigger tire/wheel setup, what do you recommend thanks again for your help look forward to hearing from you

thank you so much for your help


Cubby- Ya know Chris, normally when I see Exceed RC in an email I instantly hit delete, strangely my eyes could not keep from rambling down your email and here you are, on the front page of BSRC. Shoot us your snail mail for a way-uber-dope sticker pack.

Oh and… props on the GF, she sounds like a keeper. Most guys would die for a chic that buys them rc gear for X-mas.

Also normally, I would say if you have an Exceed you are just plain screwed for aftermarket hop-ups. However, you are just asking for rather general items like wheels/tires/body, so here ya go…

You are screwed, I hope you like the stock gear. JK bro, how about I tackle the speedo thing first. So… will the stock speedo burn up if you install hotter/faster motors? I have absolutely no idea, Exceed doesn’t talk to us because we are the devil, we’ve never received one for review, and I’m not gonna make up an answer or repeat internet hearsay. What I will recommend is for you to just go for it. If it works, great, if it doesn’t, it should provide quite a fire/smoke show AND give you a perfect reason to get a new speedo.

About wheels/tires… best of luck finding direct replacements that have a crawler/scale look. The Exceed uses a 2.8 wheel with a 17mm hex, which isn’t uncommon if you are looking for replacement Traxxas gear, but to get a direct replacement with a true crawler look might be a PITA.

Lastly… about that body. I wouldn’t expect to be able to find an aftermarket unit just sitting on the shelf at your LHS. I am going to recommend not even looking for “6×6” body. Instead, find a cab that looks good on the truck and build something custom in the rear. I mean it is a crawler, it would only be fitting to put a lid on it that looks insanely better/more custom than the stocker.

Have fun, go fast, and shoot us pics when you get your beast done.

Hey that’s it ya bunch of punks. You can submit your questions to Cubby at It is highly unlikely I will ever read them, but one of my interns will at least briefly skim over your emailse. If your letter does happen to hit the big time you’ll get a BSRC sticker pack, and if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” we will totally hook you up with one of our sweet new BSRC t-shirts.

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