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ASK Cubby, 12.19.2013, Version- Answers That Make You Go Hummm…

ASK Cubby

“Hey my name is Garett. I was wondering if you had some info on the Axial Exo Terra Buggy you guys put the tracks on? I really want to put tracks on mine and was wondering if i could get some info on what you guys did to get them to fit. Please get back to me i would absolutely love to know how everything worked out and what was needed to do it.”

Cubby- Yo Happy Holidays Garett and shoot Brian your snail mail so we can hook ya up with some totally boss stickers.

So… you want to put RC4WD tracks on your Axial EXO. First off, for those that didn’t read our article on how we did it, you can see it HERE.

When our track shod “Terror Buggy” was all done, it was a beast. It didn’t have nuclear top end, but had respectable speed, and it was a much different driving experience than expected. Perhaps its biggest asset was the strange looks we got when showing up at the local bash spot. Overall, normal wheels/tires do a much better job for bashing, and are a whole lot easier to keep working properly.

But sure…. you want to tackle the project just for the fun of it like we did. For more details on how we did it, refer to the link above, we listed roughly everything that was needed to make it happen. Pay particularly close attention to the details in the pictures. However, from having “been there done that”, I want to stress to you that it is a lot of custom work, and once finished they are even more work to keep running properly. A lot of getting them to work is simply looking and/or running the Exo, see where it is binding, then busting out the Dremel. If you like custom wrenching you’ll have a blast, if you are easily frustrated, you might want to pass on this little project.

Go fast, spin tires, and shoot us pics once you get yours done.

“Hey Cubby

I have a 2,5 year old son who’s into RC (el cheapo 1/32 Hummer), but we just can’t find a suitable sized pistol or gamepad-type transmitter for the bigger cars, that can fit his grubby little paws. Size wise, the kid is as big as a 4 year old. I’ve looked at 2 systems but am in two minds about them. Do you have any recommendations?

Mark-Temba C.”

Cubby- Hey now Mark-Temba, what’s up?

To answer your question- no, I don’t know of a “normal” pistol type transmitter that is designed for hands that small, so you are tough out of luck. But… you bring up a very good point. A point about how pretty much 99% of transmitters are set-up for one specification of user (right handed, medium size adult hand).

I am not a statistician, but worldwide, approximately 15% of people are left handed, and who knows what percentage of rc users don’t have “medium size adult hands”. If someone were able to calculate how many rc users don’t fit the current mold for a standard transmitter, it would probably surprise us. Hence the reason there needs to be be transmitters for non-average users.

We were disappointed when the original ARRMA transmitter disappeared from its RTR line-up. The old ARRMA transmitter had a wild look, but most importantly, it performed well and at a touch of a button could instantly be flopped over for a left handed driver. It was perhaps one of the most affordable transmitters ever sold to cater to the left handed crowd. I am big into archery, the big bow manufactures don’t force lefties to shoot right handed, it has always baffled me why the big rc transmitter manufactures typically only have a left hand option on their top-of-the-line units.

Also… while all of our BigSquidRC Bash Crew are right handed, we have one member who has huge hands and fingers. His trigger finger has been known not to fit into today’s tighter fitting units, and the grip to trigger ratio on pretty much every radio is uncomfortable to him. Ya sure, he’s a beast, but there has to be more rc drivers like him out there.

This is a topic that just isn’t brought up much. Ya I know, radios that are smaller, larger, or are just set-up for lefties won’t be huge sellers. It is hard enough to sell aftermarket radios in these “RTR times” as it is, but if marketed correctly, they might just be a surprise hit. Most average handed consumers are dialed with the radio that came in their RTR, but those that are different might be begging for the chance to dish over some cash on a radio that fits them properly. I know if the world only had left handed radios I would be more than willing to pay a hefty sum for a righty.

That’s it for this week ya lunatics, shoot your emails to Cubby at (but don’t hold your breathe for a response).

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