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ASK Cubby, 12.25.2014, Version- Santa Writes In, Scrooge Replies

“Hi there, was just wondering if you guys know of any aluminium upgrades for the ecx torment 4wd ? Chassis wise…


Uk basher XD”

Cubby- Yo Merry Christmas “Uk basher XD” and thanks for the letter/email/question.

And no bro, I can’t get ya the hook up on ubered-out aluminum parts for your 4wd ECX Torment. We have talked to various ECX staffers in the past and asked if any aluminum upgrades were in the pipeline. Their answer? We have been told that yes indeed there were, however we have seen very few actually materialize. I think at this point there are a ton of ECX trucks out in consumer hands and they could make some decent coin by putting out some factory upgrades. Sure, the ECX trucks are solid and a blast to drive, but a big part of the fun in rc is mod’n out your rig and sadly there aren’t many options for the 4wd ECXs.

I would also like to add… for you UKBHD, and to all ECX owners, why not take a couple of minutes and hit up companies like STRC, Boom Racing, Integy, Exotek, etc and tell them you would buy a ton of aluminum bling if they would produce it. Those companies put food on their table by selling aluminum parts and if they hear enough interest in certain truck they will bend over backwards to get the parts done.

“Arrma granite mega question

My name is Darren and I am going to be getting the 15t armma granite mega. I know eventually the brushed motor will wear out and I’m already looking into different power options. Ultimately I would like the truck to go from a basher @ about 22mph to a versatile basher/road hog with changeable speeds of 40~45 to 60~65. I have already invested in a nice charger and 2s 5000may lipos Knowingly I’ll have to change tires shocks and gearing to change between the two.

My real question is about the motor. I only want to buy a 100dollar plus motor once (maybe 2x). And I am worried about overheating. I will probably invest in a cooling fan or heat sink too. Had a xl5 stampede in the 90s and could never get it to go past 30 with the rooster booster and 12t titan, plus the heat.ahhh I was 10 years old…. Anyway, I am unsure if I should look at a basic vxl setup with the 3500kv motor, a sidewinder 3900kv, or the Copperhead vx4 4500kv motor.

I think the Copperhead maybe the best choice. Seeing on forums about how 3500kv is a nice leap from a regular brushed, though not totally what others were hoping. I have also seen a lot of 2200kv motors with lots of upgearing for speed, however this seems to be the way to get highest temps. I’m looking for more of a jump with hopes that I can still use it fairly regularly without the high heat or wear. I see a lot of arrma advertisements on your page and thought “these guy’s probably driven a lot of granites”. Any idea on a motor for the big guy?

Also one last question. Do you guys have a physical store in Illinois? I’m in st Louis and would love to come talk to some people about my truck.the hobby store around here basicly tell me the same thing.” Built tough, haven’t broken anything.” On top of that they hardly carry the parts. Though they have driven it I don’t think anyone has tried making it a badass yet. Any suggestions on achieving my overall goal of a basher\road hog would definitely be a plus. Thanks

Darren A.”

Cubby- Hey ya Darren, congrats on making the big time, shoot us your snail mail for a free sticker pack.

Last question first (because it’s the easiest). No, we don’t have a store in Illinois, or anywhere else for that matter, we don’t sell anything, we are an on-line news/reviews site. However… with you being from the STL shoot me an email. Myself along with the rest of the STL Bash Crew are out testing in the greater STL metro 3-4 times a week, if you get the chance you can meet up with us and shoot the rc bull.

Now… about powering up a Mega Series ARRMA Granite. You say you want one setting for 40 mph, and another for 60. Those are some magical numbers btw, typically if you have a vehicle that goes 40 on 2S LiPO it’ll pull right at 60 on 3S. Also, you are highly concerned about heat, and who can blame you, ruining brushless motors by overheating them can get expensive in a hurry.

So… this is what I’m gonna recommend to you. I would go with a longer can motor like a Castle 1415. Get the combo that comes with a Mamba Max Pro SCT and your Granite will have plenty of power for hitting the speeds you are after. Plus, with the 1415’s larger size, higher torque, and lower kV (2400), you’ll minimize heat issues. Once you get the 1415 combo installed, hit up and calculate the size of pinion you’ll need to do 40 mph on 2S and you’ll be dialed (well, except for the tires ballooning). However, that is a heck of a solid start to get you where you want to be.

There ya go Cub-sta fans, we’ve come to the end of another ASK Cubby. You can submit your questions/rants/needless typing to Cubby at Make the big time and get a BSRC sticker pack, be declared as “Letter of the Month” and we’ll totally hook you up with a BSRC t-shirt. Now go stuff yourself silly and fall asleep watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (that’s what I’ll be doing).

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