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“Small scale crawler advise


Long time reader first time writer. I love crawlers and I love my kids. My two oldest (2 and 4) and I love ‘crawling before bed’ each night. We set up a course in their room and challenge each other. It’s a blast and I love seeing them develop so many practical skills at such a young age.

Here’s the issue, my daughter runs her 1/24 ECX Barrage, I run my Proline Ambush 1/24, and my son just plain smokes us on every course with his Losi Trail Trekker. I love seeing him do so well but I’m considering an upgrade. Since the Losi’s are discontinued I wanted your opinion on the RC4WD 1/18 Gelandes or any other smaller scale crawlers. How would they stack up against his darn Losi?? What do I do?

Thanks for the advise,

Malcolm D.”

Cubby- Hey ya there Malcolm, and thanks for reading BigSquidRC. Hit me up with a snail mail for a sticker pack.

First off, about the 1/18 RC4WD off-road trucks. IMO, they are extremely high-end scale off-road trucks. Just like their 1/10th scaled units, the RC4WD 1/18th scalers also have loads of metal parts, a hard plastic body, and are also highly capable for the scale side of things. Much like you, I have been running my Pro-Line Ambush all winter, but I have also been running one of the RC4WD trucks. Needless to say, both have been great fun.

As you have mentioned ECX and Losi, by now you may have seen that ECX announced the upgraded Temper Gen 2 today. It is a hardcore rock crawler that should easily get over obstacles that your smaller scaled trucks would have a hard time conquering. The Temper Gen 2 comes with everything needed to run at a $149 price point, which sounds about perfect for you and your kiddos.

“Tebo Cav Lutz

What are ya thinking about silly season this year Cubby? Where do you think the musical chairs will end up?


Damon O.”

Cubby- Yo hey now Damon, long time no hear from. Hope you’ve been well, if I remember correctly you race AE?

Oh ya, it is a pretty crazy silly season this year. For our readers here, I received this email several days ago, since then, all three drivers have landed new homes. First off, I have to say that the driver market is MUCH different than it was, even just a few years ago. There is Very little money in racing budgets now days, and when you go walking around with an IFMAR world championship or two, you deserve a decent paycheck. I was glad to see that all three were able to land decent homes, although we’ll have to wait and see how it works out for them. Oh ya, for those of you wondering, but too lazy to Google- Tebo went from Kyosho to Tekno, Cavalieri went from AE to Yokomo & SWORKz, with Lutz going from Tekno and landing with Agama & NEMO Racing.

So hey, seriously local racer guys, as well as all you “pro” racers. If you want more money, if you want more free stuff, if you want a larger percentage off your partial, you HAVE TO GET MORE PEOPLE TO RACE LOCALLY. Just an FYI. Or, expect there to be even less, then less, then much less, to go around between all of you.

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