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ASK Cubby- A Day Late, A Dollar Short

“Remote Control Tackling Dummy


Seeing if you and the guys at Big Squid have seen the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP) tackling dummy. It’s a 140lbs tackling dummy that obviously runs on a surface RC. It looks like it was started by some guys at Dartmouth College to prevent injury and promote player safety. I could not find anything on the actual platform/ system it runs on but it’s 140lbs and runs a sub 5.0″ 40 yard dash. It looks pretty agile in the videos and is also self righting. Just thought it was cool how our hobby is being used in such a unique way. Also how our technology is assisting NFL players train at the highest level, safely. I would actually love to know what kind of system pushes that heavy of a dummy. Anyway, thought I would share and see if you knew anything about the MVP or could find out more.

John K.”

Cubby- Yo John, isn’t it amazing how rc technology gets used? After watching a video of the MVP RC tackling dummy in use, I was amazed, mostly by how fast they were and how durable they appeared.

However… I absolutely loath the NFL. I have watched the NFL since I was an infant, every single weekend of my life. Then the league decided to move my favorite (and hometown) team, the Cardinals, to Arizona. Ok, I loved football, so I found another favorite team and sat around every weekend like a drone just doing what I was told by the massive NFL marketing team. Then, last year the league thought it was a grand idea to move my next favorite/hometown team, the St Louis Rams, back to LA. Once the deal was finalized, I was D O N E with the NFL for life. I will not, and have not, watched one second of football this season, nor will I ever spend one more cent on anything NFL related. I do however keep up on NFL news, where I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ratings for MNF are down over 20%, and that more people in St Louis (which now hate the Rams) is higher than in LA where they moved. To boil it down, I hope the NFL owners get what they deserve, and so far this year, after the concussion scandle and the Kaepernick debacle, it looks like they are.

Anyways… for those of you that are still into football, the video below of the MVP tackling dummy is actually pretty cool to watch.

“Removing Tires


i have an old set of tires on my Traxxas Bandit that i would like to remove. Is this possible, if so how do i do it?

Mark W.”

Cubby- Well hola there Marky Mark, thanks for writing in.

So… I’m guessing you stripped out the hex on a wheel, but your tires are still good so you want to put them on new rims. There are a couple of different ways, neither of which your politically correct wife is going to like being done in her new kitchen. But here ya go…

You can bake the wheel/tire combo at around 250 degrees in your oven, or you can try dipping them in boiling water. Both methods can work, but like mentioned above, the little lady in your life might not like everything you cook afterwards smelling like tire mold release.

Therefore… I recommend the Cubby way, man up and just buy a new set. A new set of tires will have nice sharp edges for maximum traction, plus they’ll have fresh foams inside for better handling. A set of tires for a 1/10th scale buggy will not break your bank, if it does, you probably shouldn’t be in the hobby anyways. Just say’n…

There ya go, yet another ASK Cubby is a wrap. Have a burning question? Have a rant that you just have to get off your chest? Have all your “friends” blocked you on Facebook? My email box is always open- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Until next week, go fast, crash hard, and take it home in a bucket.

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