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“ARRMA Mojave

What’s up Cubby?

I am wondering what’s going on with that new 1/7 Mojave? I have been waiting FOREVER for a large scale ARRMA and on the outside the Mojave looks about perfect. Have you bashed one yet? Let me know what’s the top speed and how tough the thing is.

Keep having fun man,

Brook D.”

Cubby- Well howdy there Brook, I really appreciate you emailing me from time to time. I will get some stickers out your way to plaster all over your large scalers.

So ya, today was the “official” announcement day for the burly 1/7 ARRMA Mojave. Granted, there was already full video on-line etc, but today we were finally able to post all the specs and body-off shots. We were also able to post a short driving video of our Bash Crew from a few weeks ago. At that time we didn’t get in a whole lot of driving, but we did learn most everything that we needed to know. The new Mojave (there used to be an ARRMA 1/10 SCT called the Mojave as well, interesting they decided to re-use that name instead of going with something like Senton XL) looks very trick in person and held up like a boss during our test drive session. The new Mojave had tons of power on tap, even more than we expected. We have not done any serious “durability” testing on the new Mojave, that comes later during our review, but so far our experience with the Mojave has been good.

As far as top speed, that’s another thing we have not done for the review yet. However, ARRMA says that with the optional (but I believe it is included) pinion that the Mojave is good for 60+ on 6S. As you do a lot of large scale driving Brook, you’ll already know that 60 mph with a large scaler feels Crazy fast.

“Question about radios

Hey Cubby,

I have a Futaba 4PV and want a Spektrum DX5 Rugged. Are radios like these capable of controlling all the functions of a Traxxas Summit 1:10 such as the two-speed gearbox, locking differentials, two steering servos and of course ESC?

I also have an SMT10 with four-wheel steer (courtesy of that 4PV) that I cannot get to consistently steer straight across different speeds or reverse. I’m using stock servos and the stiffest servo savers I can find and I’ve taken as much play out of the linkage as possible. Can the Active Vehicle Control on the DX5 help with this?

Thanks again,
Dan G.”

Cubby- Wazzup Dan the man? Thanks for writing in, a snail mail for a sticker pack big guy.

Oh yes, the Futaba 4PV, awesome performing radio! And now it sounds like you are looking to add the basher favorite Spektrum DX5 Rugged to your fleet. As both names suggest, the 4PV has 4 channels of output, while the DX5 Rugged sports 5 channels. When you pick up a Rugged you’ll have 1 more channel to use on your next build. Oh and, you ask specifically if both the 4PV and Rugged can handle all the channels required for a Traxxas Summit, and the answer is yes.

Next question- can the electronic stability control (Spektrum calls theirs AVC) on the DX5 Rugged help your twin steer Axial SMT10 monster truck go straighter? Ya know, I have never tried AVC on a twin steer monster truck before, so I can not tell you first hand. However, what I can tell you is that AVC comes in really handle on numerous different vehicles, particularly in slick conditions. Perhaps one of readers who has tried this first hand can chime in on the comment section, or Dan if you give it a go please shoot me an email with how your truck responded.

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