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“MT410 and Barrage

Hi Cubby,

When are the mt410 and Barrage reviews going up?


Scott H.”

Cubby- Yo hey Scotty, thanks for the email. If you shoot me your snail mail we will get ya the hook up on one our world famous sticker packs.

Ya know Scott, I finished up the Tekno MT410 review last week and the ECX Barrage review is pretty much done as well, so I would expect you to see them any time now. While I didn’t work on the Barrage review, I can leave you with a little info on the MT410 right here in ASK Cubby.

A couple years ago I noticed a lot of the racers at my local track were slowly switching over to Tekno. Tekno has a great rep and local racers were switching over because they claimed their buggy and truggy held up better over the course of an entire season. Tekno doesn’t do a ton of marketing, and I know my local racers only run what really works out in the field, so I knew there had to be something behind all the buzz.

Fast forward to the last couple months when the MT410 monster truck hit the market. We put our test rig through some pretty serious abuse and it held up extremely well. Even better, it handled very well and could do stunts better than Evel Knievel. I won’t spoil the entire review, but it is sure to be one of the front runners for our “2017 Bash Vehicle Of The Year” award.

“Modified race car

Hello I’m looking for some one to build me a rc car that looks like a modified dirt track car. I saw a picture or article on proline website of a modified car. I want one that looks just like that but I want it done in my bosses real car colors. I’m not worried if it dose 100 mph or it is the fastest. I want a car that we can show off at our race track and my kids and his kids can have fun. I look forward to hearing back from you

Colin F.”

Cubby- Hey there Colin, so you are looking for a dirt oval car. No, it isn’t impossible to buy a roundy round car in rc, but it isn’t that easy either. Our industry seems to go in spurts where oval gets popular then backs down a bit, right now it is in a very slow stage.

However… if I was looking to build a sick looking dirt oval car I would probably start by hitting the Custom Works website. Custom Works sells some of the best stuff on the market in terms of performance and looks, and while not cheap, you’ll be getting a good quality product, which is important if you have kids slamming the car around in a parking lot. You can also check out other companies like Murfdogg Racing, RJ Speed, and McAllister Racing to see if they have the style of body that you are looking for.

So there it is, another edition of ASK Cubby is in the books. Feel free to shoot me your questions, rants, or whatever else is on that sick mind of yours, at the very least I might glance at it. At the very best it will make the big time entitling you to a free BSRC sticker pack, or if you are super special, your letter can become “Letter of the Month” to win you a BSRC t-shirt. thecubreportrc at gmail dot com

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