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ASK Cubby, A Weekly Q & A Session, Version 04.29.2010

“Cub Reporter, What is better a Traxxas Summit or a Traxxas E-Revo? Thanks.
Roger Blakely”

Oh yes, the age old question of what is better. Well both are Traxxas, meaning they’ll have good customer support, will be tough as nails, and most importantly, most hobby shops will stock plenty of replacement parts. The Summit is better suited to low speed action, can crawl up a snot covered water slide, and is fairly waterproof. The E-Revo, especially the brushless version, is a freak’n animal. It handles as well on track as it does blasting around a baseball diamond. To boil it down, if you are looking for 30 mph plus action, get the E-Revo, if you like driving in the mud and crawling over tough obstacles, get the Summit. And yes, you’re welcome.
“What weight of oil should I use in the center diff of an RC8E?
Eddy The Slayer”

You have no idea how many times we get asked that question and the writer does not include what type of car they own, so congrats, you are above the curve on the RC evolutionary chart.

Ok, here’s the scoop. The weight you use will depend on how you like your buggy to handle, how much power you have, and how much traction is available. If you like pulling wheelies, the heavier the better, but you can’t steer while your front tires are staring at the sky. Too heavy of oil will also lead to your buggy being overly sensitive to throttle inputs while in the air. If you use too light of oil, when you punch it your front tires will turn into pizza cutters and you won’t accelerate very fast. If you are using huge 6S power you’ll need heavier oil, if you are using a softer power set-up, you’ll want to go lighter. If your track has a lot of traction you’ll want to go slightly heavier. So to finally give you an answer to your question, start with what your manual recommends then adjust accordingly. If you don’t have the manual, start with 5,000 and go from there.

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