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ASK Cubby – Another Week, Another Question, Another Vague Response

“Clutch problem


Do you have any idea why I keep breaking clutch springs in my truck? I have now broken 4 springs in less than a month. The clutch shoes look to have normal wear but I can’t keep from breaking the springs. Any ideas?

Larry I.”

Cubby- Hey ya there Larry, don’t forget to drop me your snail mail for a sticker pack. Or, for those of you who want stickers but don’t want to write in, simply hit up This Link.

Oh yes… the old mysterious broken clutch springs on a nitro truck. You fail to mention which truck specifically, so I am going to be doing some serious winging it here.

Ummmm, your real problem here isn’t the springs, it is the fact that you are driving nitro. Therefore, that makes this your fault. Sell your nitro burner on CL as fast as you can, then start saving up for a real truck with a big, burly brushless system in it. If you can’t sell your old nitro truck on CL, no need to worry, just ship it to me and I’ll beat it with a hammer and discard it for you.

So there ya go Larry, be sure to shoot me pics of your new brushless rig once you get it up and running.

A Main

Cubby, what happened to A Main Hobbies? Didn’t they used to sponsor Bigsquid? Where did the ads go?

Lucas C.”

Cubby- Yo Lucas, thanks for the mail and we’ll be giving you the hook-up with one of our uber sticker packs.

Ya know, A Main advertised with us twice, with the last time being a short stint last fall with some serious space. And just speaking for myself here, both times have left a real bad taste in my mouth, the last time around in particular. I am not speaking for all of BigSquid here, just myself (like always), but yea, I buy my parts elsewhere.

So there ya have it, yet another ASK Cubby is in the bank. Have something on your mind? Got a problem you need taken care of? Are you a noobie and completely lost? thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my email address, don’t be shy. Letters that hit the big time get a free sticker pack while “Letter of the Month” winners will receive one of our uber t-shirts.

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