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ASK Cubby – Another Week Of Questions, More Of My Weak Answers


Hello Cubby. I only have $100 to spend, what do you think is the best cheap car on the market?


Ernesto C.”

Cubby- Well hello there Ernesto, thanks for writing in.

So… the “best” rc car under $100 eh? That is a hard one. Actually, it isn’t hard because of the price point, it is hard because there are actually a lot of good options at $100 and under.

For starters… I would recommend the HPI Formula Q32. We are currently testing one and we’ve had a blast with it. You would have to run it on a smooth surface, but it is amazingly quick for what it is, and ridiculously durable. Better still, we just plain have loads of fun every time we drive it, and for you, you can almost buy a pair of them as they are priced at $54 each.

However, for something a bit larger that would be more capable for off-roading, I would cut the check on a 1/18th Scale ECX Ruckus. The 1/18 Ruckus has 4wd, decent power for a noobie, and can take a decent beating without breaking all the time. It is priced at $99 and is an excellent first vehicle to get your feet wet in the hobby with.

There ya go bro, shoot me a reply message and let me know what you ended up getting. ­čÖé

RC Boats


I am about to buy my first rc boat to use on some property that my parents own. They have a small pond so I don’t want anything too fast, what would you recommend? Oh, I want to stick with electric, not gas or nitro.

Blake R.”

Cubby- Hey ya Blake, so you are about to get into the boat scene, good for you. I am actually a HUGE fan of rc boating. It is simply so relaxing to me, which is the polar opposite to me compared to racing rc cars.

Personally… for use on a smaller area like a pond, I am going to recommend the Pro Boat Stealthwake. The Stealthwake is sized at 23″ and is powered by a water cooled brushed motor. It is what I take with me when I hit smaller bodies of water, plus, being a deep-v design, it is incredibly easy to drive. Oh and, as a starter boat, it won’t destroy your wallet as it is priced at a measly $159. Buy one, thrash it hard, send me a letter letting me know just how spot on I was. You’re welcome.

Do ya know what? That’s all there is for this week. Thanks for reading and you can submit your questions to thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Hitting the main page will get ya a sticker pack while being “Letter of the Month” wins you one of our uber t-shirts.

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