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ASK Cubby – Another Week Of Your Questions w/ More Of My Non-Sense

“Quick question

How come we cant see your eyes??? Are they just so dreamy you don’t want all the attention? I guess people would accuse you of being just a pretty face and not a serious hobbyist.

Brooks F.”

Cubby- What’s up amigo? Thanks for writing in, and of course your snail mail will get you one of our send-it worthy BSRC sticker packs.

Back in the super early days of THE Cub Report (2006’ish??), I was still working in the rc industry. The very first Cub Reports used a pic of me wearing a full helmet that covered Everything (a hat tip to THE Stig). At that time, many of the things going into THE Cub Report, well, would have gotten me fired (or worse!) at where I was working in rc. Hence the reason “THE Cub Reporter” was created, and a full helmet was used.

After I “officially” got out of the rc industry (except for BSRC and some consulting gigs) we were going to use a picture with my face in it. However, as my face had been hidden before, right before that first pic of my face went up, Brian (owner at BSRC) thought it would be “cool” to put a BSRC watermark over my eyes to retain a bit of “mystery”. I wasn’t for a watermark in the beginning, but it actually worked out incredibly well. BTW, it gets really fun at trade shows (and other rc events) when people will literally stalk me, just to get a shot without a watermark, LOL.

So, if you would like to gaze passionately into my dark hazel eyes, feel free to hang out with the BSRC Bash Crew October 12th and 13th at the Rocky Mountain Hobby Expo in Denver. And as always, go fast, spin tires, and take it home in a bucket.

“New Axial 6×6


I can’t believe it! What do you think about the new Axial 6×6? I love it!!! Axial seems to be back in the groove again.

Reggie M.”

Cubby- Hey Reggie, thanks for taking the time out of your day to write in. And oh ya, a snail mail for a sticker pack buddy.

Oh yes my friend, how about that new Axial Racing SCX10 II UMG10 RTR? I dig the body, I dig them taking a chance on 6 wheel drive, and I dig the timing on the truck. It has a release date of September, which now days is a great “in-store” date for the holiday buying season. The wheels look cool, they did a great job on the addition of the third axle, and quite frankly, I hope they sell a zillion of them.

After looking over some replies on social media, it looks most of the Axial Racing fanboys also dig the truck. The SCX10 II platform is a great base that works with a zillion aftermarket parts/upgrades, and I also think the market is just “ready” for a 6 wheeler from Axial Racing. So Reggie, be sure and send me some pics of you and yours this September!

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