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New to the hobby here, can you help me understand motor turns? A 27 turn motor came in my slash and it is fast, but what’s faster?

Ryan G.”

Cubby- Yo hey Ryan, thanks for taking the time to write in. Here ya go…

With your motor being a “27” turn, I am going to guess that it is an old school brushed “stock” racing motor. Those did have nice power, especially for noobies. They had nice punch off the bottom, with some mid-rang power and a decent pull up top. And while they are quite easy to drive and perfect for new drivers, they don’t come to close to “insane” power levels.

Today’s modern brushless motors can easily put out 4 times the power of your 27 turn, and are easily tuned to your liking. Too much power? Brushless systems are easy to “turn down”. Not enough? You can crank up the timing (or simply add another cell). Not only can today’s power systems give your truck more raw wattage than it can ever put down, but they are super easy to adjust to any type of power need that you might have.

Pop in a 550 sized brushless system and let us know just how much gnarlier you think it is!


Hey Cubby, what’s up with ARRMA teasing some big new truck, then dropping just a new color?

Sergio W.”

Cubby- Hey Sergio, long time, no hear from. I hope you and your bash crew have been doing well.

So ya, ARRMA dropped the Notorious today which is much like the Outcast, and comes in two colors- blue and black. However, they also have a new feature on that body called “Real Steel”. As your new Notorious body gets scratched up by sliding across the pavement upside down at 70 mph, its patent pending Real Steel will actually start to look Even Better! As it gets scratched it reveals the “Real Steel” underneath, which looks a bit like shiny scraped metal. Very cool “new level” stuff, expect us to do an entire post about “Real Steel” bodies in the near future.

Oh and hey, while this particular release was not a “major” new truck, those ARRMA guys are always hard at work. No further message. ­čÖé

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