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ASK Cubby – As The Corona Virus Turns…


All my local hobby shops are closed, just like my local parks. I can’t even drive in an empty parking lot. WTF am I supposed to do with all my rc gear now? Cubby, this sucks a$$. I have all this money in rc gear and I can’t even use it. I gotta park all 4 of my trucks all summer long?

Gary E.”

Cubby- Well hello there Gary. I think maybe we spoke once a couple years ago. Anyways, thanks for the email.

We are in strange times aren’t we? The great global pandemic of 2020. Holy smokes, I am all for a roaring 20’s, but not quite this “roaring”, LOL.

So ya, in some areas, you can get out and about. Others are in total lockdown, with still others (like where I live) somewhere in between (a few parks are still open). If your local community is on total lock-down, seriously, abide by it. Hey, I get cabin fever quicker than most, but this is the time to put health first, even if it means less rc time.

BTW, I’ve heard that small scale rc’s are getting harder to find. Some, like the latest Kyosho Mini-Z off-roaders, have been limited to “one per customer” in some places. Now, more than ever, small scale rc is the place to be. Personally, my indoor weapon of choice is a 1/24 Losi BL Micro SCT. I basically have a small scale Supercross track in my mancave, which the lil’ 1/24th Losi is sized perfectly for.

However, the hotter trend is small scale crawlers. The 1/18 scale crawlers from RC4WD are off the hook for realism and heavy duty metal parts, but there are a slew of others that are well worth your cash as well. Hopefully package delivery is solid in your area, if so, think about ordering in a small scaler to fight your cabin fever. I know for sure that places like Traxxas and Horizon Hobby are still shipping, if you buy elsewhere simply give them a call to make sure they were not forced to close.

Most importantly- this is not a forever thing. A few months from now, the global pandemic will be in our rear view mirrors. The entire world is patiently waiting, but that time WILL come. Just hunker down, stay healthy, and start dreaming about all the weekends you’ll spend at the local park bashing in the future. I know I am TRULY going to appreciate my local parks a whole lot more after this is all over…


Sir Cubby,

After doing some mods, my Rustler cogs like crazy when I try to drive it. Any ideas what happened? All I did was put on a new set of tires and now the motor is cog crazy.


Turner H.”

Cubby- Hey ya bro-ster, thanks for the email.

Ya know Mr. Turner, I sure wish you sent a pic, or even mentioned exactly what tires you bolted on. Why? Because… if you bolted on some much taller and/or heavier tires, that could be your issue right there. Taller tires drastically change your overall gearing, while heavier tires put a drastically heavier load on the system. Otherwise, you may have tightened down your wheel nuts too hard possibly creating some binding. Ya know, it is kinda hard for me to guess from a simple email, LOL.

Otherwise… you may have a segment going bad in your motor, or a bad connection at one of the motor wires (check your motor wires bro). Those are my guesses, let me know what it turned out to be…

What, that’s it? Nothing more? Yup, that’s it for this week. So… do you have an rc related question? Need a wacky answer? Have a rant that you just have to get off your chest? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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