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ASK Cubby – Back, Better Than Never

“Missing Man

Hey man, where ya been? Not doing ask cubby anymore or what?

Tyler G.”

Cubby- Well hello there Tyler, thanks for reading and for your concern. Email me your snail mail for one of our uberlishous sticker packs.

So sadly no, I have not died, I have not been on Gilligan’s Island, I have simply been “that” busy. The weeks leading up to a trade show are incredibly busy, and this year it was even more so than usual. While I might not have been sitting down writing up the latest ASK Cubby, I was busy getting things ready for the show, out driving the new Losi Super Rock Rey and Tamiya Comical Grasshopper, etc. I should be more back on track now (read- not as busy of a schedule), but who knows.


I still can’t believe my eyes after seeing Prince Harry driving an rc car on Big Squid. If that isn’t great advertising for the hobby, I don’t know what is.

Benny C.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Benny, thanks for writing in. If you send me your snail mail I will hook you up with one of our sticker packs.

So ya, I thought the online coverage of Prince Harry getting in some driving time with a Land Rover Defender Traxxas TRX-4 was pretty awesome too. It sounds like it wasn’t anything that was organized, it sounded like Land Rover just happened to be doing a TRX-4 demo and Prince Harry decided to get in on the fun. So ya, our hobby can use every piece of mainstream exposure that it can get, and Prince Harry wheeling around a scale crawler looks awesome for our hobby.

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