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ASK Cubby – Corona Ain’t Stopping This Train

“Going cordless

What’s a good cordless drill set-up for wrenching Cubby? I am finally ready to make the switch as I am getting older and my arthritis is kicking my ass.

Randy B.”

Cubby- Well hello there oh Great Randy, thanks for shooting me an email.

Ya know, I have used MIP hand tools for close to, ummmmmm, like gee, over 20 years now. Wow, amazing how time flies, but lately I have pretty much gone exclusively to using a cordless drill for wrenching.

More specifically, I use a small Makita (as I have been using Makita cordless tools since the 1980s in car stereo) that I got from Home Disappointment. Combine that with some MIP hardened hex tips and I have totally been crushing my wrench game lately. WFO in top gear on removal, “low/slow” gear putting bolts in until they are close, then snug’em down with a normal MIP hand tool.

Makita 12-Volt MAX CXT ($99)

MIP Speed Tips (Price varies)

That’s what I use bro, and my wrenching game has never been better.

“Axial Portal Axles

Hey Cubby, is it worth the cash to convert my crawler over to portal axles? Right now I drive an SCX10 II that is highly modified and gets through rocks extremely well, that’s why I am hesitant to make the switch.

Daniel N.”

Cubby- How ya doing there Danny? I remember it wasn’t that many years ago that I NEVER got any rock crawler questions, but now days they are making up about 50% of what’s hitting my box.

Nope, heck no, I am not a scale crawler guy. However, I work for an rc media outlet that does a lot of rock crawling, so about 3 years ago I started getting my feet wet in crawlers. Now, I don’t take them super hardcore serious like someone that specializes in the genre, but I do bring a wealth of general rc knowledge to the table when partaking in the crawling scene.

With that said, there is a good reason that the newer SCX10 III comes stock with portals. When out driving, even larger pieces of gravel can become a real issue for ground clearance. A 1/10th scaled crawler just doesn’t have a lot of ground clearance compared to what you are going to find out in nature. While portals don’t give a “ton” of extra clearance, often times that extra half inch or so can make all the difference between gliding over a section, or getting hung up.

Is it worth the cash for portals? IMO, absolutely. I’ve been a huge fan of them since the TRX-4 was first released, and they have done nothing other than prove themselves to me over time. For your SCX10 II, I would look at the AR45 portals that come on the SCX10 III, or simply cut the check on an SCX10 III as it does come with a slew of improvements over your older model.

Cut the check bro and shoot me some pics with whatever ends up arriving on your front doorstep.

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