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“Fav Tire Sauce

I know you used to race indoors, what kind of sauce do you like for stock rubber tc?

Nathan P.”

Cubby- Thanks for the email Nate, long time, no see. Hope you’ve been doing well.

Actually, tire sauce is one of the reasons I quit racing indoors. I put in too many decades where I spent all weekend, or even all week, inside a closed building with people saucing their tires. When I first started racing indoors, I didn’t even notice it. Now, when I walk by a building using sauce, my stomach turns. If I go inside, I will have a headache on my drive home. Good times…

So, my recommendation on which tire sauce to use would be whatever you like- outdoors only please. Otherwise, I actively discourage people from racing at indoor tracks where sauce is being used.

“New Notorious

Hi Cubby, just saw the new Notorious on Big Squid. What do you think of the updates?

Ezekiel R.”

Cubby- Wazzup Ezeee? Snail mail for a sticker pack as always.

Oh ya, the new 2019 version of the ARRMA Notorious looks nice. It will be available in a matte black or a matte blue, with both colors looking phenomenal on that body. For me, the biggest news was the motor mount, which is a “Losi” style unit that should work flawlessly. I am not a big tower-to-tower fan for extreme bashing, but the new “never-loose” servo saver and “never-pop” ball ends are nice. Hey, the Notorious was a great truck as it was, the new updates make it just that much better. If you are on the fence, don’t be, cut the check. IMO they only made the Notorious even better.

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