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ASK Cubby- Gobble Gobble Edition

“Jeffco Parks Ban

Hey, Cubby

Just wanted to complain to the choir about some news on the other side of the river from ya.

Link To Proposed RC Park Ban

Hopefully that FB link works, but the Jefferson County Council is looking to ban all RCs from county parks. Rant and Rave.

Ryan M.”

Cubby- Whatttttt’sss up Ryan? Happy Thanksgiving to you and everyone out there in rc land. Hope you’ve been well, snail mail for a sticker pack big guy.

So the link that is posted above, well, that’s where we do a LOT of our testing with BigSquidRC cars, so it directly affects us here at BigSquidRC. Thankfully, RC Freak Tim Brown and crew represented the rc community at a recent meeting and rc cars were not banned. I am posting the link above to spread the word that this WILL be coming to a park near you soon.

Too many parks have already shuttered their doors to rc hobbyists. Tax payers pay good money to keep those parks open, and many people need them for exercise, getting their kids some fresh air, or yes, even some even need the space to fly their rc airplane or drive their remote control cars. Hobbies should always be welcome at a public park, unless they can end up hurting someone.

These proposed bans are for a good reason- too many rc idiots have gone to parks and caused trouble. No soccer mom wants a 12S monster truck blasting by her baby stroller. The guy out walking his dog doesn’t want to hear your 142db fully modified 5B screaming by him at 70 mph. So yes, once again, a few bad apples are trying to spoil all the good clean fun.

So Ryan, this is a crazy PC age, where even the smallest problem reported by a soccer mom can end up bringing down an entire hobby in a certain area. Now we gotta fight for our right to rc, great……..


Dear Cubby,

I am looking for a 1/10 short course truck, so naturally the Traxxas Slash came on my radar. I am specifically looking into the 4×4 brushless one. When I visit forums looking at similar questions I keep seeing people post how you are paying more for the Traxxas name than the quality of the truck. So my question is, what do you think? Do people who buy Traxxas vehicles pay more for the name and not have mush else to show for the extra cost verses a competitors vehicle?

Austin B.”

Cubby- Hey ya there Austin, thanks for writing in. Snail mail for a sticker pack just like always.

So… are people that buy Traxxas, paying more just for the name? While some Traxxas models may cost a bit more than direct competitors, most are very competitively priced. I mean, its not like a Supreme edition Tamiya Hornet that sells for $3k, now that is paying just for the name. If you pay 10 bucks more for a Slash than another SCT, you might be paying a little more, but the performance of their trucks is always right there with top in their class, and parts support is nearly always class leading. So after looking over some Traxxas pricing, I just don’t see anyone paying any huge amount more just to own a Traxxas branded truck. Oh and… ever look at pricing for some of the more racing oriented brands? Now there you just might be able to bring a case for costing more simply because it is a brand “Happy Flower”.

Have a crazy question? Need an insane answer? Have some rant that you just have to get off your chest and into my email box? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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