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ASK Cubby – Gobble, Gobble Edition

“Venom 540 Combo

I just recently purchased the Venom 3300kv 80 amp combo. The box it came in says 2s lipo only, but I have been reading reviews and specs online saying it is 3s Lipo compatible. Could you clear this up for me please I would appreciate it thank you.

O Rivers”

Cubby- Yo Mista Rivers, what’s up? Thanks for writing in, be sure to send us your snail mail for a sticker pack.

I am far too lazy to do any research here, so let me answer based on your question. You say that the box says “2S LiPo Only”. Therefore, I would say to only use 2S. However, it sounds like you are chomping at the bit to try 3S. In that case, here is what could possibly happen when you plug in a higher cell count.

1. Nothing happens at all.
2. Fire shoots everywhere.
3. It works perfectly fine.

Maximum cell counts are based on a few different factors. This includes how robust the FETs are, when a rotor might shatter via excessive rpm, but mostly on what the BEC can handle.

I would highly recommend staying on 2S, but if you decide to try 3, make sure you catch it on video.

Kershaw Designs

Cubby, how about a mention that Dan Fischer, owner of Kershaw Designs, has lost his battle with cancer. Thoughts and prayers to his family and all of us who loved his contributions to bashing.

Alan L.”

Cubby- Hey ya Alan, thanks for writing in with the news. I had known that the Kershaw website was down for a while, and I knew Dan had been having some health issues, but I did not know he had passed away.

I was fortunate enough to spend a week with Dan at iHobby about 10 years ago. His booth was next to ours, so we got to spend an entire week talking back and forth with him. Very cool guy, affable and quite good-natured. He put up with all our ridiculous antics for nearly an entire week and we learned a lot from him about his business and customers.

Dan was one heck of a great guy and did some really cool things in our hobby with Kershaw Designs. He will be greatly missed and our staff sends our deepest condolences to his family. Click Here to read Dan’s obituary that was sent over by Alan.

There it is folks, another ASK Cubby is a wrap. Do you have a question? Feel the need to rant? Need someone to vent all that anger to? thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my addy.

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