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“Arrma Infraction


Hey buddy, is BigSquidRC doing a review on the ARRMA Infraction? Have you driven one? What do you think? How do you like the new Limitless? What tires do you recommend for the Infraction? Is an upgrade power system needed for the Infraction?

Best Regards,

Rusty B.”

Cubby- Awwww yes, here we are, another edition of ASK Cubby. Thanks for taking the time to write in, send me your home addy for one of our send-it worthy sticker packs. And wow, you packed a whole lot of questions into a few sentences, LOL.

How about that ARRMA Infraction?!? The Infraction is clearly a beast. It has big power, looks awesome, and even turns fairly well right out of the box. And while I don’t know an exact date on when our review will go live, it should be any time now. About the Limitless, I have seen/held one in person, but never driven one. I dig how it looks, and also dig how it is not a full RTR.

As far as tires for the Infraction, the stockers love to get super hot and sticky. They are belted, which is great for speed runs, but tend to wear out quickly. I have not researched tires specifically to go on the Infraction, but what you’ll be looking for is a belted on-road tire, on wheels with a 17mm hex.

Peace and love Rusty, peace and love…

“Your Fastest Car


I was wondering, what is the fastest rc car that YOU have built? There is a group of us in Colorado doing speed runs with most everyone well over 100 mph. My best so far is 108 mph with a modified Slash 4×4.

Carl V.

Ps- Cubby I would really like a t-shirt, have any spares laying around?”

Cubby- Yo Carl, for all your work of writing in, we will indeed hook you up with one of our t-shirts. Get me that snail mail of yours and I will have the lunatics that work in shipping get a box out your way immediately.

So, you have a 108 mph Traxxas Slash 4×4! That certainly is hauling booty my man. I have not run high speed for several years, and when I was, tire choices were terrible! I see a lot of guys breaking 100 mph in videos now days, and a lot of that has to do with tire technology.

To actually answer your question, I would guess that the fastest car I ever built was a Grand Motorsports rail dragster, 6S on a CC 7700. I crashed it a lot (at break-neck speeds), but did get it just over 100 mph. I think around 105 was the highest I ever got to. So, I might just have to consider your email a challenge, grab the GM rail, and try to beat your 108. 🙂

Thanks for the email, have fun, go fast, and try to bring it home in more than 10 pieces.

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