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“Posting on Big Squid

Thanks for all of you guy’s great works!

If I may add my 0.2 I think the racing products news which is already covered by the RedRC or the Neo Buggy is just wasting valuable “front-page time” for other real “Bashers approved” posting.

Just my 0.2.

have a wonderful week!

Best Regards,

John L.”

Cubby- Well hello there John. Thanks for shooting us an email with some very well done critical criticism.

John actually linked to a couple of our posts that showed some 1/8 truggy race tires, and then another post about a high-end touring car. And yes, both posts were absolutely racing style equipment. While we normally don’t post a whole lot of racer news, some days we have to. Why is that? Because, on some days, there just aren’t any new “basher” type products announced. On those days, we go ahead and post whatever we feel are the biggest releases of the day. That particular day it was some JConcepts truggy tires and a Serpent TC.

Generally on news post for the day, new cars come first, then new wheels, tires, and bodies. After that, various accessories come into play. And while some websites are all quantity, we are about quality. We rarely post small stuff like body clips or screw kits, but do occasionally when they might actually be some of the biggest news of the day.

So… yes, we absolutely try to post only “basher” style news, but some days we gotta post some racer stuff to keep the front page hopping.

Go fast, spin tires, crash hard, sweep it up and bring it home in a bucket.

“Raminator Review

Cubby, any chance we will see a Primal RC 1/5 scale Raminator review? It’s too rich for my income, but wow, 12 inch wheels!


Cubby- How ya be there BigAL? Thanks for writing in. A snail mail for a sticker pack big’un.

I am gonna go with a “no” on the Primal RC 1/5 Raminator monster truck. I think we talked to them for a while, but nothing became of it. Their Raminator does look gnarly, and while Primal has a great name for their drag racing products, I have no idea how good their monster truck may, or may not, be. Also, for the price of the 1/5th Raminator (just under $3,000) not many people are gonna cut that check without first reading a review they trust. There are a bunch of “reviews” out there on it, but mostly from people that nobody has ever heard of. So… I would recommend skipping this one, maybe we’ll be in on their next big release.

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