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“Crawler Shootout

Hey Cubby!

I was wondering if you guys are gonna do a crawler shootout? I know you guys love your crawlers, so with the Traxxas TRX-4 now released what’s taking so long?

Ian S.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Ian, thanks for taking the time to write in. Oh and btw, I have been told that I have yet to award a “Letter of the Month” for June, so there ya go bud. Get us your shirt size and snail mail for the hook-up on a t-shirt.

About your question…

Yes indeed! Just what is taking us so long? Actually we aren’t running behind on this one, we are simply waiting on the HPI Venture and the Redcat Everest GEN7 Pro to be released. Once those two hit the market, then we’ll have what we consider to be all the trucks that you guys want to see and we’ll start the shootout. Nope, I can’t wait either, it will be our biggest, longest and most comprehensive shootout that we’ve ever done, and we can’t wait to get it started. We’ve already got the test/shootout criteria figured out and I’m sure our servers will be melting down for a few days after we post that one.

“RC Question for this week


I have been into RCs for 4 years now and check your website everyday for new posts. Thank you for everything you do for the community.

I am writing to you because I want you advice. I am building a Traxxas Stampede 4×4. If you had an unlimited budget, what would be your TOP 5 Motors/ESC combos. I am looking for lots of torque with decent speed.

Thanks so much,
Keaton Y.”

Cubby- Hey Keaton, I don’t think I’ve ever received a letter from you before, so thanks for writing in. If you have written me before, please excuse my absolutely dreadful memory for names.

As an avid BSRC reader, then you should already know that I am far too lazy to list out 5 complete speedo/motor combos for your Stampede 4×4. However, I will list the one that you should be putting in your truck.

Here is what you really want. For a motor you’ll want to use one of the new sensored Castle 1415 2400kV. For the ESC you’ll want to run the new Castle Mamba X. The 1415, especially the new sensored one, will have more power than you’ll ever be able to put down, plus now that it is sensored, is smoother than probably anything else you’ve ever owned before. The Mamba X can easily take all the abuse that you can throw at it, plus it does a fantastic job of running the 1415 in sensored mode.

A few tips here… the 1415 really likes the extra voltage of a 3S pack, so plan your gearing around that. Make sure you have a temp gun and start with a small pinion, then work your way up in speed. Stop gearing up when you have more than enough speed or when you start seeing motor temps around 140. Oh and, run the Castle 6mm connectors if ya can, they really are the cat’s meow.

Once installed, properly geared, and tuned for your driving, the Mamba X/1415 system will last an extremely long time, all the while providing you with the insane power that bashers demand.

Have fun, go fast, and be sure to shoot me some pics when you are done with your build.

And as a bonus, here is a letter from my homeskillet Jimmy D…

“Big Squid bash event

Hey Cubby,

How is it going? I wanted to write and encourage people to come out to the bash event June 17th. $10 is cheap for what you get to witness and do. I personally have never been to St Charles H town, but I have only heard good things about it. I will try to be there this Saturday. If someone is thinking of not going because “racer types” will be there, that is simply not true. Some racer types may show up, but they will feel quickly out of place during the derby when their $200 pro painted body gets scratched. They will have a melt down when a 8s xmaxx snaps the arms off their X-ray. This is a very relaxed event and extremely fun. The prizes alone are worth it, and from what i remember, most participants walk away with something. If you never been to rc event for fear of “racer types”, this is the event to show up to!

Just to be different, I may bring out the B6 just to see how long it takes to snap a carbon shock tower. I know you won’t be there, have fun at the AMA event.

Jimmy D.”

There ya go folks, this week’s ASK Cubby is a wrap! Yes, you can be cool like Ian and Keaton and shoot me your question. Or rant. Or love filled message. Or a case of ’99 Dom. Any which way, my addy is thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your letter makes our front page you’ll get a sticker pack. Better still, if your question is letter of the month like Ian’s, we’ll hook ya up with a t-shirt.

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