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“Off-Roading Tires

Hey Cubby,

What kind of tires are you running on your crawler? You do crawl don’t you? I live in southern Michigan, so I have a mix of dirt, rocks, and tree roots. I am pretty new to rc, so I am still running the stock tires on my Axial SCX10 II RTR.

Sergio M.”

Cubby- So what do ya say there Sergio? Thanks for the email, a snail mail for a sticker pack per the usual my friend.

So no buddy, I don’t do a lot of crawling. By “a lot”, I mean I don’t crawl every day. However, I definitely drive some type of crawler at least a few times a week. No, I haven’t done a lot of tire testing, but I’ve tried well over a dozen different sets of aftermarket crawling tires to see what was up.

The 1.9″ tires that I am the biggest fan of right now are Pro-Line BFGoodrich Krawler T/A KXs. They not only look amazingly scale, but have been working incredibly well where I have been driving lately (mud, rocks, leaves, twigs, hardpack). They are versatile, they are super sticky (Predator compound baby!), and they have more than proven their worth to me out on the trail. I am also a big fan of the Pro-Line Hyrax, but prefer to use the BFGs because of their scale appearance.

So there ya have it, and there ya are. As always, let me know what you ended up buying, and how it worked out for ya in the end. Peace and love my friend, and lots of it…

“Best Charger

Hello From Norway

I am English, but have lived in Norway many years.

It is a pleasure to finally contact you after a long time on your site which is superb by the way. I hope you do not mind me contacting you out of the blue like this, but I could really do with some expert help please? The forums are not to helpful to me?think its because I am a total novice.

I have waited 60+ years to finally be in a position to buy an RC Model, and I am having a Cross RC built for me, as I have to many health issues to be able to undertake the work myself. I understand the truck maybe takes one 2S 7.4 volt LiPo I have spent days reading, researching, and watching videos, on chargers and batteries.

Now I need something, a very smart charger, because I am scared of potential mistakes. I am using the model at home in our big garden, Do not need a field charger and I do not think I require those big guys which charge the smaller batts. The guy who is selling me the truck says 2s 7.4volt (is this the max power for this truck?) I will only ever have the one model, so not lots of different batteries just what the truck uses. I suppose the batteries in the pistol grip transmitter (I assume are Nimh) can be charged elsewhere unless there is a charger which will do both. I prefer a plug in the mains type charger, but it must be clever intuitive if possible and top quality.

I think the charger choice is my biggest decision, so your help greatly appreciated. I have never used a lipo or even held one. I did notice lots of folk going for the Gens Ace batteries? What would your favorite, most stable choice be?

Finally, if I may, I like the idea of a pistol grip transmitter. My truck will have lights and synchronized sound, + normal operating functions. Can you suggest a smart top quality pistol grip for me please. So at least I can look at the options, but I will need to learn how to use them.

I like the way you test everything very honestly and whilst I am not in the rc racing world I am sure with all the combined knowledge you guys have will set me right.

Thanking you very much and all the best,

Steve S.”

Cubby- So hello there Steven. Thanks for writing in, and if you hook me up with your mailing address, I will hook you up with one of our very trick sticker packs.

So Steven, you are having a new Cross RC scale truck built, but want some info on batteries, chargers, and transmitter.

First off, I’ll go with the easy one to answer. IMO, the best transmitter on the market for scaling/crawling/bashing is easily the Spektrum DX5 Rugged. The Rugged was designed for extreme use (and conditions), plus it uses higher-end electronics on the inside to ensure that it drives like an esoteric race unit. The DX5 Rugged has loads of features, including what you need to do sound and other accessories. Buy one, you’ll love it.

Now, to your bigger question. It sounds like you are looking for the safest option possible for batteries and a charger. IMO, that puts you into two realms. The would be the Spektrum SMART tech, along with the Traxxas iD units. Both the Spektrum SMART and the Traxxas iD tech use a chip at the battery pack to ensure that the charger can not be set incorrectly. The SMART tech is also capable of relaying the temperature of the pack to the charger, thus adding another layer of safety. Also, if you go with a Traxxas iD charger, or a Spektrum SMART unit, you’ll need to run matching batteries. For example, while I am a big fan of the Gens Ace that you mention, they will not easily work with the iD or SMART chargers.

Furthermore, neither the SMART chargers, nor the Traxxas iD units, are set up to charge transmitter packs easily. To power your DX5 Rugged, the easiest route would be to use traditional alkaline AA cells. However, you can upgrade to rechargeable NiMHs, or even a LiPo, but chances are you would need another charger. Which then puts you in the place of buying a “normal” charger. IMO, if you get a good “normal” charger like a Hitec RDX1 Pro (around $75), it will come with full balance capabilities, as well as a temperature port that you can use for increased safety. This option would also be quite safe, but would also be more versatile for the future. Btw, you say this is your one and only truck, but somehow I kinda doubt that (that what we all said when we got in!!! LOL). 🙂

Welcome to rc my new friend, and feel free to email with more questions.

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