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Dear Cubby,

Why does it seem like everyone has become so nice on Facebook? It’s like everyone is kissing everyone else’s booty, I don’t get it Cubby. Even the dumbest products get a ton of likes, what gives?

Boyd Q.”

Cubby- Yo hey there Boyd, as always, thanks for taking the time to write in. Also like always, if you send me your snail mail we will get you hooked up with one of our BSRC sticker packs.

Oh ya, good old Facebook. The place that has got so many people to be content producers, for free! I have a buddy who probably puts 20-30 hours a week into his FB page. It is “gaining momentum”, meaning he is getting more likes, so he is putting even more time and effort into it. After all that work at the end of the week, making posts, making videos, etc, how much does he get paid? Zero. I mean, after all, it is against FB’s TOS to actually make money off an FB page. Ya know, I really have to wonder why my buddy just doesn’t start up a dot com and actually start making some money off all his work…

On the topic of why is everyone so nice on FB? I think that is directly related to people trying to get likes. After all, it is easier to get more likes with a “nice” post compared to one where you actually speak your mind. And when everyone is a “content producer for Facebook”, the only goal is to get the most likes possible (all for zero money for yourself, as you make plenty for FB).

Ya, good times…

“Choosing an nitro engine

Hello, I have a Serpent Viper 988 kit, looking to purchase a .21 engine that is top dogg. Which engine would you recommend? I’ve been looking into the Novarossi Mephisto or O.S. R2103. Or is there something else that you may recommend?


Scott C.”

Cubby- Hey ya Scott, props to you for still running 1/8 on-road nitro. Unfortunately, I don’t have a track that even runs that class within… hummmmm…. at least 6 hours of me? So while 1/8th on-road nitro is one of the gnarliest classes out there, I haven’t seen one run in person for probably a decade.

So… about that engine, LOL. Ya, I got nothing for ya bro. I have not personally run nitro consistently since… hummmmmmm…. 2007’ish? Wow, 12 years! However, I am posting your letter as a reminder to everyone that the class is still out there and still very popular in certain areas (Europe anyone?). I do wish you luck with whatever engine you chose, feel free to let us know which engine you got, and how it ended up performing for you.

Oh and, thanks for writing in Scott, a snail mail for a sticker pack as usual.

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