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Looking for a good first crawler buddy. Not wanting to spend a whole lot, is there anything worth buying for around 300?

Derek L.”

Cubby- Hummmmmm, lets see here Derek, you are looking for an affordable crawler. Guess what? You are luck, there just happen to be a BUNCH of them on the market right now (and more seem to be showing up on the daily).

I don’t consider the $299 price point to be “expensive”, I consider it to be more on the affordable side of things. Which $299 crawler do I recommend? First off, I would love to do a $299 affordable crawler shootout. Brian, get some trucks on the way! However, without the aid of running all the trucks in category back-to-back, I see things like this.

Vaterra 1972 Chevy Suburban Ascender-S- Everybody knows I dig the Ascender platform and their 72 Suburban looks awesome, performs well, and costs under 3 bills.

Traxxas TRX-4 Sport- While slightly higher than a $299 price point, the TRX-4 Sport is still quite affordable. Plus, it comes with portal style axles that are all the rage right now. And yes, the extra ground clearance can come in mighty handy when out on the trail.

Axial 1/10 SCX10 II Deadbolt 4WD RTR- The SCX10 II chassis is on-point, as is its price point and trail worthiness.

Right there are three outstanding trucks that would be perfect for your first foray into the scale rock crawling scene.

“What’s up

After seeing the new Axial is 1/24, I had to email you. What’s up with Axial? Where are all the super scale products? No portals or 8th scale?


Benny B.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Benny, thanks for writing in. You know the drill, a snail mail will get ya one of our sticker packs.

The new Axial SCX24 looks solid. It has worm gears and is small enough to be driven just about anywhere. However, I hear ya, I have gotten a lot of email asking about Axial.

I know you hardcore Axial guys are freak’n out a bit, but most of you guys already know why there hasn’t been more new products. Times are slow in the industry. When times are slow, most companies dial back on the new releases. As the industry gets back on its feet, I would expect more, and bigger/newer platforms from not only Axial, but a bunch of different companies.

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