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“Batteries LiPo Vs LiHV

Hey Cubby I now run NimH but I am getting ready to go LiPo. Would you recommend using normal LiPo batteries or going with LiHV? What’s the &$#%ing difference?

Robby F.”

Cubby- What’s up Rob and thank you very much for writing in. I see you are having an issue deciding on batteries, so this is how I see it.

For bashing….

LiPo- Much better than NiMH. The packs are not only lighter than NiMH, but also produce higher voltage, thus giving your truck a lot more speed/power than off a lesser battery technology. On the downside, LiPos do require a proper battery charger and you do need to pay attention and handle them properly.

LiHV- All the above, but more so. Most LiHV cells have a higher energy density than even a normal “LiPo”. To you this means even more run-time and voltage. The downside to this increased performance? Price, well, and they tend to be a bit heavier.

If you are a basher, you will be completely dialed using either. A normal LiPo has more than enough juice to overpower your bash truck, so you can save some bucks and still have more power than you can put down. If you go LiHV, you will notice even more power and runtime, not a huge amount, but absolutely noticeable.

Buy some new batteries, use a proper charger, store them at the proper voltage, and enjoy the new found power!

“Slash Rocks


After picking up a brand new Slash 4×4, I have found it is the perfect bash truck for me. The truck seems really good, but in your view, what are my first upgrades?

Jonathan P.”

Cubby- Yoooo to the yo there Johnny Boy, thanks for shooting me an email. Do not forget to shoot me an email with your snail mail for a sticker pack.

Yes, the Traxxas Slash 4×4 is a great bash truck. Right out of the box it has massive power and handles quite well. Just like you state, it is very well suited to the backyard right out of the box.

However, I would make two changes right out of the gate to gain you more performance. First up, I would install a Hitec servo. The stocker is usable for backyard bashing, but after popping in a higher-end Hitec, your truck will instantly have more steering. You can pop in more torque and speed, which can especially make the truck more controllable at high speeds.

My second mod would be tires. Once again the stockers aren’t bad and work well for general bashing, but I would pop on some stickier Pro-Line meats. You can go non-scale with Badlands, which are by far my #1 general off-road tires, or you could put something more scale in appearance like Pro-Line’s BFGoodrich (like their KO2 and KR2) or Interco licensed tires (think Super Swampers). Look at your local conditions and make a pick. If the ground you drive on is super loamy, Badlands will provide maximum performance, if you drive on hard packed dirt, look at the KO2s.

After installing a better servo and stickier tires you will find that it is easier to control the truck, plus it will be easier to drive. Have fun and report back after the mods my friend!

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