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“MaxAmps?? (help appreciated)?

Firstly, sorry for bothering you guys, but I did so want an unbiased opinion on the superb(or I think they are) MaxAmps Lipos?

First up I am English, but living in Norway, due to a lifetime of poor heath I was told get a hobby, something to get you moving out in the fresh air. I decided in the main, due to having 3 x lakes near the house, to go down the RC Boat track.

I am still in the process of finally purchasing a :-

Kyosho EP Jetstream 888 VE Readyset Brushless Boat/Orion ESC & 2.4Ghz Transmitter

I know you guys are not Boat guys, but oh my i would be so very obliged for your unbiased opinion on the MAXAMPS RANGE Of LIPOS? I was told to get them as they are the best in the world! (huge claim) but I read endless reviews from you guys and on YouTube e.t.c. and they do seem to back up their claims which are superb! But and theirs always a but? some folk really run them down and call them a amongst other things a “RIP-OFF” “OVER-HYPED” and so on. I am someone just getting in to RC at 63 years old (my first rc model) all I want is to be sure the batteries MAXAMPS supply for my boat which are the following:-

“> In looking over the specifications based off of the manual with the
> boat, I believe I have a couple of solutions that should fit your
> need:
> This is our 5450mah 14.8v battery pack. It will give your system
> plenty of power with the 120c rating and all for great performance.
> If you are looking for a 3s battery pack to fit your need, our 6500mah
> will be the best of the bunch. A 150c rated pack, it will easily
> handle the demand your system may have and give you longer run times
> between charging.”

Just how good are they when compared to the opposition? I promise anything you say will be only used by myself, and not for sharing, I just am so desperate to get this project right from day one.

Many thanks

Steve S.”

Cubby- Yo yo yo Steve S., thanks for writing in to BigSquidRC.

Ya know, long time hobbyists will remember when MaxAmps really took over the LiPo scene back in the early days of the brushless/LiPo revolution. Auggie and his crew have been supplying hobbyists like you and I packs since LiPo batteries really took off, think around the 2005 era. And while most of their competition has folded over the years, they are still here, and with better cells than ever.

I bench tested a number of MaxAmps packs several years ago and they put out solid numbers. Their voltage under load was among the best that I had tested, and their capacity ratings were generally solid. And while I have not bench tested any of their packs for several years, I drive them on the daily. All of their packs that I’ve used in the last 2 years have held up very well. Any/every brand of LiPo will have issues over time, but the MaxAmps packs that I’ve been using have held up better than numerous other brands that we use for testing cars.

With that said, congrats on getting into rc boating! Most “surface” people stick to 4 wheels, but rc boating is a whole new adventure. On the power side of things, boats are the hardest of the hardcore. There is simply a lot of drag on a boat hull, and drag is uber-hard on batteries, motors, speedos, and connectors. And like most “boat” guys will tell you, don’t go cheap on batteries, as even the very best can have a hard time keeping up with the thirst of a powerful brushless system.

As far as the batteries that you are looking at for that Kyosho, the ones listed should work well in that application. Pick some packs, run’em hard, and let us know how insane the power was!

“The Dirtinator!!!!!!

Hey Cubby, what’s up with Kinwald? FB is blowing up!

Todd M.”

Cubby- Wazzuuppp Todd? Long time, no race together! I need to get back over your way (Alabama area) and get in some more 1/8 nitro buggy racing with you and your crew.

About Brian, ya, I’ve seen posts alluding to his passing, but I have no way of confirming that at this time. By the time most of you read this enough time will have passed for more details to come forward. Until then, I won’t go off some FB posts about his status. However, I will say that the guy is absolute legend- a guy who took the sport of rc, and our industry, to another level. As most everyone knows, he has had health issues for a very long time, I can’t imagine the sport without him.

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