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“New ARRMA Has Landed!!!!!!!!!

Hey Cubby what do you think of the pics of the new ARRMA? Is it better than the Traxxas X-Maxx?

Martin P.”

Cubby- Yo yo yo there Martin, and thanks for the letter. A snail mail for a sticker pack per the usual.

So what about that new ARRMA? Ya know, we place bets on days when the new Horizon stuff will get leaked early, LOL. Jeremy actually won this time, as he had the date closest to when it was leaked. And no, we “can’t legally” talk about it until the countdown timer runs out, LOL, but you can see pics all over the web, so you can definitely check those out after a quick Google search.

So… we have been told there aren’t any ‘demo’ units going out for review, which seems a bit odd out of the gate. I’m sure Brian will figure out some way to get our hands on one. I would think it would be more than able to withstand one of our reviews? Any which way, if I get a chance to drive one, I will post about it here.

“HPI Racing

I read what you wrote about HPI in your weekly column and totally agree, I miss HPI too! I got my start with an RS4 touring car and to this day it is the best car I’ve ever owned. Do you know when HPI might start releasing some new cars? Another scaler from them would be nice.

Randy C.”

Cubby- Hola there Randy and thanks for taking the time to write in. Ya know, just yesterday we received some news about HPI here in the states. Monday’s Cub Report tends to send ripples around the industry, and after it went up we started to hear more about HPI and their current situation.

First off, it sounds like HRP Distributing is their exclusive distributor in the states right now. The new owners have implemented a 6 step plan to get HPI back into the thick of the market, with “Launch and promote new products into the market” being on that short list. Now, even putting out one new car is a very pricey project, but the new owners do seem committed to bringing HPI back.

Here is a statement that we just received from the new owner of HPI-

“We are looking very much forward to rebuilding the HPI Racing brand together with you. The brand will be putting existing customer’s needs first. Every HPI Racing product owner around the world has made an investment in HPI Racing. It’s important that we remember that and do all we can to ensure that they have years of enjoyment from it. We can assure you that there is a bright and sustainable future planned for HPI Racing, with both innovation and parts supply at the core.”

Time will tell folks…

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