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ASK Cubby – Is It Time For Denver Yet?

“Mojave Vs UDR

Which do you think is better one of the new Mojaves or the Traxxas UDR? I mainly bash in my backyard, but also drive some foot trails in the park.


Roger E.”

Cubby- Yo, what’s up Roger? Ya know, there are a whole lot of people looking at the ARRMA Mojave, and there are already loads of Traxxas UDR owners out there. Here is my quick take on both…

About the UDR…

I’ve gotten in loads of time with my personal truck. I just had to put the fancy dancy chrome’ish roll bars on it, then threw in a Castle brushless system and ridiculous Hitec servo to keep’er on track. For suspension, I have left mine nearly stock. I replaced the stock shock bodies with tricker units, but left the damping & springs very close to stock settings. I could absolutely firm things up and be able to drive more quickly across rough ground, but I prefer the scale look and driving experience of the stock’ish settings. Bone stock, the UDR is a solid truck. No, it isn’t as tough as a truck like E-Revo 2.0, but what it lacks in sheer brutality, it makes up for in incredible scale looks.

About the Mojave…

I have gotten in very limited time with the ARRMA Mojave. It does not handle anything like the UDR, it handles in much more of a traditional “rc manner”. And what does that mean? It doesn’t look as scale while driving, but has suspension set-up for serious bumps and jumps. The stock power system is more than enough for most hobbyists, and in general, the Mojave is a large beast of a truck.

So there ya have it Roger, if you are looking for more scale realism, go with the UDR, if you are looking for all-out send-it style fun, try the mighty Mojave.

“First race ever


Do you know of any good tracks near Detroit that I can race at? Does rc racing have a novice class?

Kyle L.”

Cubby- Oh boy Kyle, what the letter you have. Thanks for writing in to ASK Cubby, a snail mail for a sticker pack as always.

Your email contains very little information. However, it does say “first race ever” and that you are looking for a novice class.

Boy, I am conflicted on what to tell you. So, I guess I’ll wing it…

I am tempted to tell you to not race. Chances are, the local “fast guys” will run you away on your first visit. Sorry, the truth isn’t what an aspiring racer wants to hear, but I want to give you a solid answer that I would give to my own family.

Speaking of family, I actively keep my kids away from rc tracks. From watching decades of cursing and transmitter throwing at the track, I simply do not want my kids exposed to that. In other, more “serious” forms of racing (like 1:1 cars where you can actually die by the dumb moves of others), or at the national level, it is to be expected. Local rc racing should NEVER, EVER, have people flipping out on newbies (actually the better word would be Anyone), but most track owners just don’t have the stones to kick the a-holes out of their track.

Would you like to learn one of the worst things about rc car racing? The VAST MAJORITY of tracks have no novice class. So have fun racing with guys who have been rubbing elbows with Masami since the 80s in the stock class bro!!! Oh and, I VERY highly doubt that the fast guys at your local track will be running legal gear, so feel free to cheat as well, you are gonna have to if you expect to remotely keep up.

So ya, I HIGHLY discourage you from going racing. If you like driving rc cars, hit up some FB groups and find some other like minded people in your area to drive with. You’ll have a lot more fun, that I can assure you…

Have a weird rc question? Need an even weirder answer? Hate how rc racing is set up as much as I do? Have a rant that you just have to get off your chest? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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