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“SCX10 III vs TRX-4

Which one do you like better Cubby, the SCX10 III or the TRX-4? That Axial looks really good, but the Traxxas has been hard to beat.

Larry S.”

Cubby- Oh heck yes Larry, the all new Axial Racing SCX10 III has created a lot of buzz in the rock crawling world. The V3 got trick little things like hidden body clips, but it also got major updates like portal style axles and a scale engine cover.

As far as how I would compare them, I have yet to even see a III in person, so if we get one I will send you a separate email. However, I’ve got in loads of hours with the TRX-4, and it just keeps on proving itself. The TRX-4 is incredibly capable, and is a very polished product. What do I mean by polished? It was very well designed, and I was blown away with how they really put extra effort into even the smallest details. Then, on top of that, you can pretty much get parts anywhere, which is super important, no matter who you are.

“Affordable Drifter

What is the best low cost drifter out there in your opinion? I am getting ready to build my first drift car, what do you recommend I buy?

Cary E.”

Cubby- Hola there Cary, thanks for the email. I hope you and your family have all been staying well.

For an affordable drifter, I am gonna go with the Traxxas 4-Tec 2.0. The 2.0 version of the 4-Tec is a solid on-road car that is a great way to get your feet wet drifting. They are super affordable, starting at just over 2 hundy, and are a great all-around on-road car. If you get a brushless powered version, you’ll be able to do high speed drifting on pavement, no problem. Or you can get any version, slap on some hard drift tires, and slide to your heart’s content. If you decide slideways isn’t your thing, you’ll still have a solid on-roader to bash with in your cul-de-sac.

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