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“Corally 6s cars

Yo Cubby,

I’ve seen the new Corally 6S cars and I think (like a lot of other people out there) they look a lot like the Arrma 6S line-up. What do you think about that? Personally I think it’s a bit cheap to copy just a bunch of cars, but by the looks of it, they try to improve to make them even better. I’m looking forward to seeing an objective comparison of the Corally 6S vs. the Arrma 6S cars. Looks like this could be a win-win situation, maybe Arrma might have to step up and improve to keep their current position in the market.

Kind regards,
Peter B.”

Cubby- Well hola there Peter, thanks for taking the time to write in. Snail mail for a sticker pack as always…

Ya, so what about that 1/8 Corally Python & Kronos? They look decent to me, but as I live in America, we see very few Corally cars here. You might see one once in a while at a touring car track, otherwise, they are virtually non-existent on American shores. To boil it down, I get around A LOT in the rc biz, and I highly doubt I’ll ever see either of those two vehicles in person.

With that said, the new Corally bash rigs look on-point for sending it. You guys over in Europe will have to give us the scoop on how durable they are. If you end up getting one, shoot us a review! Heck, I’d personally love to know how the new Corally cars stack up against the legendary ARRMA 6S line-up.

” Arrma Granite 4×4 3s – Care & Maintenance

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently bought the Arrma Granite as my first proper RC truck (heavily influenced by your review), I’m completely new to RC trucks and I’m looking for some advice on care and maintenance. I live in the UAE and there aren’t any Arrma dealers locally so I need to ship items from the US/Europe etc. I’m looking for some advice on what items you would recommend as a critical spares and maintenance kit, I did ask Horizon Hobby (who I bought the truck from) and they wouldn’t help…

Any advice you can give would much appreciated.



Cubby- Hey ya Elliott, thanks for writing in, and welcomes to the hobby! Like a whole lot of people now days, you are getting into the hobby with a new ARRMA, great choice!

So, what about essential spares? I don’t run the Granite 4×4 3S much, so I don’t know first hand which spare parts are typically needed. On most any truck, there are typically two or three parts that tend to break/wear-out consistently, but I am not aware of those parts on the Granite 3S.

What I do personally is this. On a newer release like the Granite 3S, where there won’t be a bunch of parts in hobby shops, I typically buy a second truck. This isn’t an option for everyone, but it is the cheapest way to get one of every spare. If you buy a second hand beater for your spare parts, you can save some serious cash, while knowing that you can go out and break Anything on your truck, and you WILL have a spare. Sometimes I will keep the second truck whole by replacing all the parts I steal off it to re-sell when I move on to a different rig, or sometimes I’ll basically use up the entire second truck over time. This isn’t the cheapest option, but it is great for peace of mind when driving, when parts aren’t easy to get. If you drive an ultra popular vehicle, or have an outstanding LHS next door, obviously a second truck would not be needed.

However, your ARRMA Granite 3S is fairly durable. If you don’t get too extreme with it, it may be a long time before it breaks, which is great news. However, to get to your real question, if I had to stock a handful of parts for the Granite 3S, I would probably order an extra spur gear, plus extra front hubs and arms. Those are often broken parts for most trucks, so that’s where I would start with the Granite.

Have fun, go fast, try not to bring it home in a bucket! 🙂

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