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“Just a quick one… Question =) Traxxas Kits

Hey Cubby,

Just saw the TRAXXAS Stampede Kit Announcement on Bigsquid. So I´m a little bit curious if you might know if there are more in the works from Traxxas in this direction? Maybe an X-Maxx Kit? That would be something. Cause its on my mind buying one. But if there is a Kit on the horizon in the near future I would prefer to wait. If you look around on Youtube most of the Owners get rid of the Traxxas Electronics in that Truck anyway.

With kind regards from good old Germany,

Robert B.”

Cubby- Yo, how’s it hang’n Bobby B.? Shoot me a snail mail for a sticker pack as always.

Traxxas is super tight lipped. In fact, they are regarded as the very best at keeping secrets. So like, when you go in their own building, even most of their own employees won’t know about a new release unit the very last moment. And props to them, keeping an industry secret is MUCH harder than you would expect.

So no, I have no clue if Traxxas will release an X-Maxx kit. I personally would not expect it, but hey, after recently dropping a new Stampede 4×4 kit, you never know what those guys have up their sleeves.

“Question About RC Manufacturing and Markets

Dear Cubby,

I’ve been reading your site for the past few years and can see how connected you are with the market and industry players. I’ve been contemplating starting a small RC company and wondered if you had any advice.

My situation is I am an engineer with 25 years of experience in mechanical/electrical/software disciplines and was laid off a few months ago. It took the wind out of my sails for some time, but I’m starting to feel better and am thinking about striking out on my own instead of returning to a corporate environment. Dale Epp’s story on Protoform’s site is encouraging to me.

How is the RC market overall? Do you see some market segments that are underserved or prime for some disruption? Is it possible to design and build something in the USA and be profitable? Can someone actually be successful turning a hobby into a business? I know you’ll think I’m crazy, but my real love is on-road and I’d love to find a way to make street bashing and street racing popular between neighbors.

I kind of feel like this is a do-or-die moment; if I go back to the corporate world I may as well give up and just do the time for another 15 years. On the other hand, I’d like to take more control of my destiny but I’m afraid this could turn into years of disappointment and a drained bank account if the market is in fact declining. The upside potential vs. the risk is unclear to me.

Thanks for your time.

Paul B.”

Cubby- Yo Paulie, thanks for the email, shoot me your snail mail so I can get ya the hook-up on a sticker pack.

First off- about Dale Epp. Epic guy that doesn’t get enough love in the hobby. Last time I saw him was at an I-Hobby in Chicago and he was giving me a hard time about not having a Mikeee O. painted body on one of my drag cars. Old school, huge fan.

Overall, the rc market is struggling, HARD. Not only is the economy changing from brick-and-mortar over to quite simply Amazon (Amazon looks to be KEY going forward), but society has changed from that of people that loved to go outside, to a society where all people do is play on their cell phone indoors. Those are two GIANT issues for not only rc, but for every industry. Overall, I would not recommend getting into the rc industry at this time.

However, there are still people making money in rc. Those companies tend to be those that are either massively into the scale scene, or they are companies who are much more diverse than just rc. There is still money to be made, in fact big money, but IMO it is considerably harder to make bank in rc now, than it was 15 years ago. You mention on-road, and it has been particularly hard hit, but yet, if someone were to put out a seriously kick-arse on-road scale car, it just might turn the tide.

And yes, there is a point in every man’s life when he is faced with going the norm, or taking a chance. I took a chance years ago and it paid off big time. You sound smart with a solid head on your shoulders, rc isn’t an easy road right now, but if you have the drive and the smarts, you can still absolutely make bank in the rc hobby………..

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