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“Hardcase vs softpacks for bashing

Sup Cubby!

When it comes to bashing, you guys know a thing or two. I am in the market for some lipos right now. On the topic of hardcase vs soft pack lipos, what is your experience? Some say a hardcase is more protection for the cells, while others say you can’t tell if cells are puffing up… What are pros oand cons for each in a bashing setting? Likelihood is it comes down to preference but I’d like to know what you guys use/recommend since again you might now a little about bashing and lipos. Stay rad dudes!

Gustav R.”

Cubby- Yo Gustav, thanks for taking the time to write in, I really appreciate it.

About hard pack vs. soft pack. In a basher setting, we are 100% for hard packs. Why? Because every soft pack we use, we end up taco’ing out. It is that simple. And when you bend/taco a pack, it is very easy to short it internally, which means a thermal runaway. We are very anti thermal runaway, which means the packs burns to the ground (and your car to the ground as well if the pack is inside of it).

Now, hard packs certainly have downsides. No, you can’t visually inspect the cells like a soft pack, and perhaps even worse, the case traps in a lot of heat. However, for extreme bashing we would much rather have the cells protected via a hard case than to bend/smash/fold a regular soft pack.

“HPI Venture

Cubby, have you got any news on when the HPI Venture is going to ship? I have been holding out to get one but the appeal of the TRX-4 is starting to become too great. I know you have the scoop on the Venture, so fill me in.

James A.”

Cubby- Yo hey there James, thanks for the email. Don’t forget to get me your snail mail for one of our extra kick-arse sticker packs.

So… for some reason you think I have the inside scoop on a shipping date for the HPI Venture?

While the Venture was first announced back in December of ’15, yes, there seems to have been another delay. I do know that the HPI crew has been working extremely hard to get the Venture to market as soon as they can, which, to the best of my knowledge right now, is going to be early August.

The Bash Crew has got to hold one in our grubby hands and it does indeed look awesome, so much so that we are probably biting at the bit more than you to get our test unit. If you have already been looking at one, I don’t have to tell you all of its features, but I can say that after having looked at one first hand, that I think your wait is going to be well worth it. Also, I think it will be yet another piece of the puzzle in getting scale crawling to expand to even greater heights. With the all the RC4WD trucks, the Vaterras, the Traxxas TRX-4, the Axials, the Redcat, and soon the HPI Venture, you consumers should be super stoked at all the incredible offerings to pick from.

So there it is, yet another ASK Cubby is in the books. Don’t be shy, shoot me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. If your letter makes our front page you’ll get one of our sticker packs, or better still, if it is “Letter of the Month” we’ll hook ya up with one of our t-shirts.

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