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“Arrma Outcast

Hey how’s it going…? I was hoping you could tell me how to extremely lower my arrma outcast for speed runs…I’ve already adjusted the shocks, just curious how to get it much lower…droop screws? Not sure…please help.

Bobby S.”

Cubby- Yo Robert, how ya be? Life is all good here, busy, but good.

BTW, thanks for writing in, be sure to shoot us your snail mail for a sticker pack. Or screw it, shoot us your shirt size too so we can really hook ya up.

OK, so you are speed running the ARRMA Outcast. The Outcast is good at many things and can be a real blast making speed runs. However, with its shorter wheelbase, it can be a handful when attempting to go 70 mph plus.

Nope, I have never tried to speed run the Outcast, but I have years in the speed run genre (remember anyone?), so here is my advice.

The number one thing I recommend to people doing speed runs is to do everything you can to make your car/truck easy to drive. For the Outcast, the first thing I would do would be to put belted street tires on it. The second thing I would do would be, not adding weight, but moving more weight forward to help keep the nose down (read- moving the battery). I am not sure why you are so concerned about lowering your ride height, but I would set static at bones -5mm below level. Gear for 50 (using an actual gear calculator), then start gearing taller as you monitor temps.

OK, so to actually answer your question. If I had to go for a Super low ride height, and it sounds like you can’t achieve that simply by droop screws or pre-load adjustments, so I would cut the springs. Cutting the spring will slam the Outcast ASAP, it will cost nothing, and it will also help firm what is left of the suspension. But that’s just me…

Thanks for writing in, and have a Fantastic 2018 bro.


Hi Cubby, I plan on starting to race this winter and wanted some of your wisdom. What do you think is the best class for a beginner to begin racing off-road? Is there anything else that I really need to know before I attend my first race?

Charles B.”

Cubby- Well…. your local track should have a “novice” class, but chances are, it does not. Or if they do, it is often times just for kids. So…. as a first time racer, all I can say is enjoy getting lapped and cursed at!

But seriously, I would go track shopping first. There are so many tracks out there with spineless race directors where cursing is rampant, more 7PX’s get thrown than high-fives, and more trophies end up in the trash than on a mantel. Therefore, check out as many local tracks as you can and find the one where you seem to fit in the best with the people that race there. Don’t have a local track? Then you’ll either need to create one or get ready to travel.

Once you have a track locked in, hope that they have a stock 2wd buggy class. Nope, stock 2wd buggy isn’t for novice racers, in fact world champions seem to love racing the class from time to time, but I see it as your best option. Stock 2wd buggy will most likely have the most racers of any class at the track. With the numbers will come at least a few guys that will be willing to bend over backwards to help you, and that can go a long ways towards making your first race day fun, instead of frustrating.

As far as some little facts that you might need to know. Well, bring your buggy, plus all your tools, plus all your parts. Bring all your gear, chances are you’ll need something weird. Check on the transponder situation. You may have to buy one (expect to pay around $100) or you might be able to borrow one from the track. Also, check out your local rules. Is your local stock buggy a blinky class or do they allow crazy timing? Do they allow tire sauce? What are the best tires to run?

Otherwise, try to get there early. Try to get in as many practice laps as you can before racing starts. Also, find out who the “race director” is (usually the guy calling the races on the microphone), he will have the answers to any question that you might have. Other than that, try your best to NOT CRASH and have a good time. Oh and, if you would, please shoot me another email letting me know how your first race day went.

Yup, there it is, another edition of ASK Cubby is a wrap! Send me your questions, rants, love letters, hate mail, and anything else that might be going on in that strange mind of yours- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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