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Boat TSM

Dear Sir,

After reading the press release on Big Squid about the new Traxxas DCB M41 boat with TSM, I must ask you this question. How exactly does TSM work on a boat?

Yours Truly,

Colby D.”

Cubby- Yo Colby, what’s up? Yes, I found the new Traxxas boat announcement interesting as well. I am an avid rc boat enthusiast, so any new boat that hits the market is a welcome piece of news to me. Driving an rc boat is one of the most relaxing things that can be done in rc, or one of the most exhilarating.

As far as how Traxxas Stability Management “works” in the new M41, it should work just like in any other vehicle. No, we don’t have an M41, and no, we haven’t reviewed one. However, if the “gyro” is calibrated properly, the boat should remain more stable via counter steering. If the rear of the boat swaps out to the right, the TSM should kick in to help it remain straight. So yes indeed, it should work, but on the water things are different than with a surface rc. On the water, you are either pretty dern planted, or the boat suddenly gets completely out of shape. Furthermore, water is water, its not like dirt where you can have ultra-high bite, medium traction, or slick as ice (all on the same track). So it will be interesting to see how well TSM works on the M41. Heck, I need to throw some Spektrum AVC in my Voracity and do some playing around this weekend, thanks for the idea Colby.

Peace and love my friend, peace and love..



I came across your website which has some great info. Was wondering if you can recommend any USB charging trucks with good bashability!

Will be for 6+ age, for use outdoors on lawn, with enough power to drive up small grass embankment.


Mark H.”

Cubby- Hey ya Marky Mark, thanks for the email. Shoot us your snail mail so that we can get you out a stick pack.

So… you are looking for a good bash truck that can be charged via USB. Ok, so there are a number of trucks that charge via USB, but none of which are big enough to get around in grass very well. You see, grass presents a pretty heavy load to an rc car, thus requiring a power system heavy enough that a “real” power system needs to be used. “Real” power systems require larger batteries, which require more wattage to charge than a USB port is capable of delivering.

Therefore… if you must only bash in grass, I would highly recommend going to a 1/10th size monster truck like the ARRMA Granite or an ECX Ruckus. Sometimes these style of trucks include a battery and slow wall charger, so you won’t have to spend extra cash for one. Otherwise, if you are looking strictly for a truck that can be charged USB, I would recommend something like the 1/24th scale ECX Ruckus. The 1/24th Ruckus is 4wd and comes with a USB charger. It isn’t very large and won’t make it through grass very well (if at all), but it is quite durable and fun to drive on pavement or on hard packed dirt.

So there ya have and there ya are…

Ok bashers, you’ve made it to the end of yet another ASK Cubby. I can take your questions 24/7 at thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Ask anything you like, any letter hitting the main page will get ya a free sticker pack, or if yours is way-super-dope, it might be the “Letter of the Month” that will get ya a free BSRC t-shirt.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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