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“Entry 4×4 brushless SCT

Yo Cubby, what’s up?

So I took the misses to a local RC track, rented a couple of Slashes and got her hooked. When we got home she wanted to bash with my Vaterra Prerunner, and had fun running circles around the kids and hitting skateboard ramps.

Anyway, she’s asked for a SCT for Chrimbo. Since this will most likely be run in our backyard on grass, what’s the word on the street about the best entry level 4×4 (brushless?) SCT right now? There’s obviously the Slash, but the Losi Tenacity and upcoming Senton Blx 3S are pretty price competitive.

Glen W.”

Cubby- Wazzuppp Bro-skillet? Things here have been seriously busy, which is awesome, but hard on the body and mind. No matter, as we keep forging ahead as hard as we can to help promote the wonderful world of rc cars and trucks.

So, you took your wifey to the track and now she wants a 4×4 SCT to herself. That’s pretty cool, I hope she enjoys her time in the hobby, after you hook her up of course. 🙂

Yes, there are a LOT of outstanding four wheel drive short course trucks on the market. You mention three above, the Traxxas Slash 4×4, the Losi Tenacity SCT, and the ARRMA Senton 4×4 3S, with plenty more heavy hitters left out.

First up, you say that you’ll be doing a lot of grass driving. Now, a monster truck might be preferred for 100% grass driving because of their additional ground clearance, but if it needs to be an SCT, I might go this direction instead. Instead of going with a traditional “bash” SCT, look at something more scale realistic like the 1/10 Losi Baja Rey Desert Truck. I might go this direction simply for its locked rear end, which really helps it rocket through grass (its brushless power systems doesn’t hurt either, LOL). Beyond that, it also has that incredible scale look that I am sure your wife would very much appreciate.

So there ya have it, and there ya are, until next time, go fast and bring it home in a bucket.


Hey Cubby,

What are some of your favorite tools right now? My toolbox is light and needs some weight added to it.

Dominic D.”

Cubby- Hey Dominic, long time no talk. I hope you and your bash crew have been getting in lots of trigger time.

Ya know, I love my tools. Heck, I might even love them more than RC itself! I have tools upon tools, upon tools, I am truly addicted to them.

So, what are some cool tools that I can recommend right now? Well, finally, I have gotten so freak’n lazy that I am using a cordless drill about 90% of the time. I never thought I would, but it is just so much faster/easier that I had to make the switch. So, if you haven’t already, hit up your local tool store and pick up a small cordless drill. After that, order up some hex and nut driver tips, then enjoy. Now your tool box will be heavier, plus your wrenching will be faster, leaving you with more time to drive (and thus break even more parts!). 🙂 Drive fast and crash hard my friend.

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