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“Is this a no-brain’r or ?

Sir Cubby,

Mr. Cubby I’d like to know your take on choice of 1/8 Truggy Tires for straight Hard-Core bashing. As most of us know 1/8 bashing truggy tires don’t have much of its own class/selection.

This is for my Durango DEX8T, though race potential I’ve built for bashing primarily. What would be your recommendation besides the legendary Badlands… ?

Also looking for advice on a killer radio/receiver if I was to choose not to drop another 5/6-Hundo on a Futuba 4px? Any recommendations for both radio & receiver?

I do have the monster-2 1515/2200kv as well as the ‘Ultimate’ Futuba HV-S9353HV, so as you can imagine I’m trying too pinch pennies where I can, but should I in my radio/receiver selection necessarily? I’d be stoked to hear your input on filling in my blanks brother-man !

On another note’ want to let y’al know I had to get with your team recently per purchases from BigSquidRC-sight =Fricken Super-Stupendous Custo-Service & very appreciated, y’al RoCK !!!!!!

David S. (Charleston SC)”

Cubby- Hey guess what David? I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month”! Congrats and be sure to shoot us your snail mail and shirt size so we can give you the hook-up.

First off, word-up on the Durango DEX8T, I’ve been driving our test unit on a daily basis the last few weeks and it still impresses the hell out of me. It freak’n rails at the track and crushes it for pure bashing. Good times…

That Futaba 9353 you are using is also a great choice. I’ve used several in my personal cars/trucks and with great success. And… it goes without saying that the Castle 2200 system is a straight up gnarly beast.

So… you’ve got all that other uber gear, but don’t want to cut the check on a new 4PX. IMO you should save up and get one, simply because a good high-end radio is worth its weight in gold, and will last for years upon years. But if you do want to save some cash, its little brother, the 4PLS, is also very impressive at half the price point. And… its receivers are a whole lot cheaper too.

As far as tires go… if you drive primarily on dirt, monster truck sized Pro-Line Badlands are truly the tire of choice. They work well on hard pack, but really excel in typical bashing conditions like loam and grass. If do you a mix of dirt and pavement I would recommend trying the new Pro-Line Super Swampers. They have a scale look, they wear a longggg time, and work well on just about every surface imaginable.

If for some reason you don’t want to go with Pro-Line, check out some 3.8 Duratrax Six Pack MTs. These have a 17mm hex so they’ll bolt right on your Durango and their tread does a great job in dirt and grass. If you are looking for strictly a truggy wheel/tire combo, then look at Duratrax X-CONS. The X-CONS have fairly small lugs for a basher tire, but do a dern fine job on dirt.

Peace and love my friend…

“Halix Tuning

Hi Cubby,

Thanks for your great information on BigSquidRC ! I love your website! At the moment I try to pimp my HÃlix a bit. I did nearly every recommend Hop up of your series. I even have that RRP gen 3 metal clutch/ spur gear, which is awesome. My final step is your first: adding a new suspension system. Unfortunately the recommended springs (super hard, part #6308-20) are as I heard not available any more by proline. Can you recommend alternative springs ?

Regards from Germany!
Achim B.”

Cubby- Yo, yo, yo, MTV rocks (but doesn’t play music videos) Achim. Thanks for the email and shoot us your snail mail for a free sticker pack.

Ya know Achim, we get a lot of letters where people will duplicate what we’ve done in some of our hop-up series articles. In the case of the Halix, it is pretty good out of the box, but a few simple mods transform it into a truck that can take some pretty severe day-in-day-out beatings. Anywhos, we would like to do a hop-up series on every vehicle we review, sadly there just isn’t enough time in the day.

Oh and yes my friend, the Super Hard Pro-Line springs are still available. I don’t know what shipping is like from Tower Hobbies to Germany, but you can hit up This Link to find out.

Otherwise, the P-L springs are 100mm in length and have an inner diameter of 16mm. Pick up some big-bore Losi Black springs of a proper length and you should be right in the ballpark.

And yes, you’re welcome.

Have a question? Want to give me an ear full? Like to “talk shop”? Shoot me an email, the address is thecubreportrc at Gmail dot com. If your letter makes the big time you’ll get a free sticker pack, if yours is “Letter of the Month” we’ll hook you up with a BSRC t-shirt.

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