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ASK Cubby – More Pandemic, More Questions

“Industry question

Cub, what are you hearing out there? How bad is it so far?

(Name withheld by request)”

Cubby- Well hello there “Name withheld by request”, pleasure to meet ya, LOL. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ya know, I would totally have expected the Covid-19 pandemic to have kicked the pecker-in of pretty much everyone in rc. However, that is not the case. There are some companies in rc right now, hiring like crazy, and selling out of product like mad. I have spoken to one on-line retailer that is seriously crushing it right now, hiring and begging for more product to sell (as those $1200 checks are hitting bank accounts, and people are generally buying more stuff on-line during shelter-in-place orders). It seems that some hobby shops with a very strong on-line presence are doing really well.

Then there are “certain” product segments that are breaking all-time sales records. I don’t think I need to give you any guesses here, but remember that isle at your LHS labeled “Puzzles”? You know, the one that you never once walked down? Well, certain genres like puzzles are up like 8,000%. One retailer I talked to said he sold out of puzzles a couple weeks ago, and by doing so, he sold more puzzles already this year, than he has sold in the last 5 combined.

But then, there are other who’s stores have been forced to close, for an uncertain amount of time, and they have very few other avenues of making money right now. Yes, I know of multiple hobby shops that are having a VERY tough time right now. Keep an eye on your local hobby shop’s social media and seriously, try to support them if at all possible, they may not be there after Covid-19 if you don’t.



Saw the new Supersonic from Pro-Line, have you driven your truck with one yet? How do you think it works over 100KPH?

Marion S.”

Cubby- Yo hey there Marion, thanks for the email. As always, a snail mail will get ya one of our quite uber sticker packs.

So, about that new Pro-Line Supersonic speed run body, I really dig it. And perhaps more so, I dig that Pro-Line is totally sending-it on a high-speed body. P-L putting out a dedicated high speed body will really help that genre gain some steam, well, at least when our parks and such re-open in the coming weeks.

No, I haven’t driven anything with a Supersonic on it yet, but I do think it was smartly designed. You gotta remember, they have insanely good designers over there at P-L, and their speed run body is pretty much how I would have done it to fit a variety of SCTs. I dig the stability fins on the long rear end, but no, I haven’t driven one yet. Just get one and send-it dude, you know you want one!

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