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“Big Squid Track Build

Do you know who could build me an off-road track? I was thinking 2200 sq feet of track. What’s the normal size for off-road?

Dwayne A.”

Cubby- Hey now Dwayne, how nice of you to write in. Don’t forget your snail mail for a sticker pack.

So… you are wanting to build on off-road track and want some advice. Here ya go…

What is a “normal” size? Over the years I’ve raced on all sorts of tracks. I’ve raced indoors on tracks as small as 20′ x 15′ that had lanes as narrow as 3′ in spots, to giant outdoor tracks that were 240′ by 120′ and had lanes as wide as 25′. But normal… for outdoors I would consider that somewhere around 100′ x 60′. Indoors would be a bit smaller, lets say around 60′ x 30′. The 2200ft² the you mention is in the ballpark, that would be roughly a 65′ x 35′ track, which would not be bad outdoors for 10th scalers.

Do I know who could build you a track? I know of a couple of high-end professionals, but they won’t be cheap. If that isn’t an issue to you, please shoot us another email and I will hook ya up. Otherwise… building a track is a LOT, let me repeat, a L O T, of work. And that is just to build it, upkeep is equally as time and energy consuming. You might be able to talk a couple of your buddies into helping you on the cheap, but because of the amount of work/time involved, don’t expect for too many people to raise their hand and offer free sweat equity.

One more note. Because this will be your track, I do highly suggest that you build it. Why? Because as a track owner you need to know how to build a track. You need to learn how to make good jump angles and track layouts. Nothing is worse in rc racing than a track owner who knows zero about actually making tracks.

“What ?? No Motocross ??

Yo Cubby

You Tell em

Diversity is the spice of life
Add a little MotoGP love to your roster
Rossi on top of the leader boards at 38 is some amazing racing
Say it ain’t so but he is keeping those young whipper snappers inline

Since the Xmaxx been out I’ve added the Kraken Vekta.5 and I hope to add the Losi XL-E and yea that new Traxxas 4Tec 2.0 Ford GT does look sweet

Bash On


Cubby- Yoooo MTV Raps fast Eddy, good to hear from you again.

And ya, I get emails about too much SX/MX, then I get emails that say I don’t write enough about it. Can you say no win situation? Actually I say, “I’ve been on the internet wayyy too long and sooo don’t care what anyone is complaining about.”. But that’s just me…

Ya know, even though I do some riding on the street, I haven’t really followed MotoGP. Actually I did wayyyy back in the day, but have not for the past decade or so. I do get some info from that series while on the moto boards, but not a lot. I am incredibly saddened to hear about Nicky Hayden. From what little info is out there, it sounds like he is hurt quite severely, like Michael Schumacher kind of bad, which I sincerely hope is not the case.

We have yet to test any of the Kraken vehicles so I have no clue how they are, but they certainly look like some raucous bash machines. I hope you have been enjoying yours and for sure you’ll want to pick up the new Traxxas Ford Gt. After writing up the review we got into some deep discussions about how it probably is the best on-road basher ever released. I didn’t put that in the review, but it was brought up after the review went live, and if it isn’t the best, it has to be in the top 3. It just drives so well and its durability is off the charts. And that is on top of being one of the best looking cars to ever be released in our hobby.

Thanks for writing in Ed and of course we’ll get ya another hook-up on stickers. 🙂 But this time I want pics of some of those stickers on your rigs!

Well here we are folks, at the end of yet another ASK Cubby. I know you have something on your mind, send me an email if you want the masses to hear about it. Hit up my in-box at thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. As always, if your letter hits the big time we’ll hook ya up with a sticker pack, if it does not, well, you get nothing. Better still, if I proclaim yours as “Letter of the Month” you get one of our sweet t-shirts.

YOUR Cub Reporter

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