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“Backyard bashing

Hey Cubby,

I’m relatively new to the rc hobby, only a couple years now, but I’ve been working up the gumption to write in as my son and I have been enjoying your work for a long time now, heck even back before we took the plunge in to this addiction, er hobby. Love your industry updates, product reviews and just spreading the love for bashers. We hope to make a trip up from Texas to one of your sponsored events in the future!

In the meantime, in one of your previous Ask Cubby editions you had a particularly nice discussion on backyard bashing and tracks. I wanted to send you a link to a quick video of our backyard track (we do not use youtube for anything other than our own fun, so you can be sure I’m not recruiting for clicks or something here). We built this track with old (free) fence panels that were being discarded by neighbors, etc. and we used some scrap lumber as ramp supports, etc. Bottom line, this cost us all of ZERO dollars! I even picked up our drainage pipe for lane markers after a storm damaged a local vendors inventory and they were getting rid of it…score!

Josh W.”

Cubby- Hey Josh, thanks for writing in. I saw you already attached an address, I’ll get our crack crew down in shipping to get you out a sticker pack.

Right Here is a link to the video that Josh attached.

The video highlights one of the best aspects of rc. For example, you see Josh getting in some wheel time with his truck. You can see he has spent time building a track. Also, you can tell he spent some time editing the video, adding music, etc. So, after buying an rc car, it is cool to see how Josh has brought in track building and videography to support/compliment the hobby. Personally, I probably like building tracks more than actually driving on them. Having an rc car around makes it easy to build a small backyard track, which can teach a person all sorts of valuable lessons. Then, I know a lot of guys that learned to shoot and edit video solely because of their rc cars.

So hey Josh, cool video and nice to see you out enjoying the hobby. I hope it shows new hobbyists that making tracks is fun, easy, and can be quite affordable.

“RC Drivers

Hello Cubby,

Long time reader here, I was wondering who you think is the most amazing rc driver of all time? Kinwald, Pavidis, Masami, who is at the top of your list?

Daniel S.”

Cubby- Yo hey Danny boy, shoot me your snail mail for the hook-up on a sticker pack.

The most amazing rc driver in my mind is… and this is an easy one… here it comes… just a few more periods… Jeremy Kortz. Kortz was/is seriously talented, and one heck of a racer. I put him at the top of the list because years and years ago (like 15 or so) I saw Kortz pick up a transmitter to a buggy he did not own, it was a buggy he had never driven before, and it was a scale he had never raced before, and in one lap he was doing things with that buggy that nobody else could do. Of course he has had so many epic drives in nitro 1/8 buggy & 1/10 buggy, but what puts him at the top is his raw talent. There are so many “fast guys” out there that are only fast because they spend 40 hours a week practicing, you could hand Kortz the transmitter to dern near anything and he would go out and crush with it. That my friends is freak’n amazing.

The single best drive I’ve ever seen was in 99′ Vegas with Kanai. There aren’t a lot of videos of that race on the net, and the ones that are, were shot in old school potato quality. So… what the vids don’t show is how absolutely bombed out that track was. Furthermore, the driver’s stand was crazy tall and the track was insanely huge. Oh and… some parts of the track were soft as sand, while others were hard as cement. You simply don’t see tracks like that now days. Back then for big IFMAR events they would not groom the track. At all. Ever. So just imagine how bad that track would have been after a week’s worth of racing, and it was hands down the most difficult I’ve ever seen actually raced on. Pavidis had been crushing it at that race, but Kanai used patience, wisdom, and some raw “I AM gonna win this thing!” attitude to keep it on four wheels and take home the world championship. Freaking inspirational drive, one that I will never forget watching.

So there ya have it folks, that’s all there is for ASK Cubby this week. Do you have a question? What about a rant? Simply wanna talk rc? thecubreportrc at gmail dot com is my addy!

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