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“New Traxxas 6×6

What’s up Cubby? So what do you think man, should I get the Axial UMG10 6×6 or the new Traxxas TRX-6 Mercedes? Both look good to me, can’t wait to get my first 6 wheeler!

Joseph T.”

Cubby- Hola amigo, and thanks for shooting me an email. If you send me your home mailing addy, we will get ya hooked up with one of our BSRC sticker packs.

So, should you pick up a Axial UMG10 6×6, or should you go with the Traxxas Mercedes-Benz G 63 AMG 6×6? Hard question, no doubt. I have some time in with the Axial, but we have not driven the Traxxas yet. Therefore, I can not give you an honest decision of any sort. Now, I know first hand the Axial is a solid machine. Out of the box, the Axial can take some punishment, plus it offers up great trail performance. Having not driven the Traxxas yet, all I can go off of is specs, and that’s where Traxxas brings all sorts of goodness. The big Benz comes with remote locking diffs (all three of them!), a two speed trans, and its scale detailing is absolutely no joke.

Give us a couple weeks to get some time in with the Traxxas, then read our review to give yourself a better idea of how the two 6 wheelers stack up.



What’ does it take to get some free swag around this place? I have been reading Big Squid for over 10 years, that has got to be worth something. Love your stuff, keep spreading the good word about rc brotha.

Carsen J.”

Cubby- Well hello there Carsen and thanks for being a faithful BigSquidRC reader. Since you are a long time reader, I don’t need to tell you that your snail mail will totally get you the hook up on some free swag. Oh and, I haven’t given out a t-shirt in a while, so let me know your shirt size as well.

So ya, anyone who’s letter makes ASK Cubby automatically gets some free stickers. However, if you don’t write in and want some cool swag, all you have to do is hit up This Link. We’ve added all sorts of wearables to our “Merchandise” page ranging from t-shirts, to hoodies, to stickers, to camper mugs, to drawstring bags. T-shirts are just above the $20 mark, while BigSquidRC hoodies range from just over $30 to just over $50. Check it out, we have a little swag for just about everyone (including babies!).

Thanks for writing in Carsen, and remember, don’t bring it home in less than 3 pieces.

Have an insane question? Need a more insane answer? Have a vitriolic rant that you just have to get off your chest? Email me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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