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“Cherish and Bash


I like to cut and paint bodies for my cars.

Is it normal I cherish and take a lot of care of them and do everything to prevent them from getting the smallest scratch? (Like folding it in a towel when I go to a bashing spot)

The thing is that I do that until the first I drive the car upside-down or make a bad landing. From that point I always beat the hell out of it and drive it like I stole it.

My friends think that’s weird….. What do you think?

Kind regards,
Peter B.”

Cubby- Yo here there Peter, you are a stud. Why is that? Because your email is “Letter of the Month”. Yup, you know what that means, a FREE t-shirt. Shoot us your details for the hook up.

Oh and yes, Peter you are a freak of nature. But then, aren’t we all? Every single one of us has our eccentricities. More importantly, it’s up to you to enjoy the hobby any way you feel fit. It’s your car, do with it as you please.

On a note of painting rc cars…

Years ago I had a buddy who started a body painting business. He was crazy anal about perfection. I just happened to be around one night when he was finishing up an uber body for a big pro driver. He spend 3 days making it absolutely perfect and it truly was a work of art. However… when he went to remove the window masks, they didn’t come off properly leaving a nasty, sticky film of gunk all over where the clear windows should have been. My buddy simply lost it. Next thing I knew he was jumping up and down (with his considerable girth) on top of said body. I was laughing my rear off and he nearly had a heart attack. The moral being… these are just toy cars, please don’t take anything too seriously.

“Losi 8ight-t RTR review

Off course and i will wait before i proceed with my order. ( i am between the losi rtr 8ight-t and the kyosho inferno net st 2.0 race spec)

can you please confirm that the truck is onlu 476mm long??? because this is what the site claims..but i think it is SMALLER than the buggy version which is 498!!(according to the site!!!!!)

can you please verify this? you can check it via the losi site…

Thanks in advance!”

Cubby- Ummmmm…. hey there No Name guy, thanks for writing in.

Do you have any idea how lazy I am? I am too lazy to hit up the Losi website, or to even do a simple Google search.

However, I am the freak’n man. I just happen to have a Losi RTR 8IGHT-T Nitro truggy sitting on my desk. It is beat to death, but one side of it still has two tires attached. Whipping out my handy dandy tape measure, I see the wheelbase checks in at just over 15 inches. Nope, I ain’t converting that to metric, nor am I going to measure its entire length (mostly because it is missing the rear wing).

So there ya go, the Losi 8IGHT-T truggy is a pretty massive truck, roughly the same size as other 1/8th scale truggies on the market.

Bash hard, have fun, crash a lot, take everything you own home in a bucket.

Whoop there it is! Another ASK Cubby is set in stone. Ya know, it isn’t rocket science to contact me- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com. Feel free to complain, whine, moan, or whatever in my email box. Until next week, have fun, go fast, break loads of parts.

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