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I just read the coverage for Mud rocks and tears on the front page. I wish I could have gone but was stuck at home 4 hours away. How did it go and when might you hold the same type of event again?

Trevor B.”

Cubby- Yo hey ya Trevor, thanks for writing in. A snail mail for a sticker pack bro.

Ever meet a person that said “Seriously man, trust me, I wouldn’t lie.”, when what they actually said was “Dude, I am totally gonna screw ya over!”. So ya, I am not going to sit here and tell you it was a good, or bad event. What I will do is post a few quotes that we received after the event from people that attended. So here ya go-

“Wow what an event! And to be the first one is absolutely amazing! The course was spot on technical and a challenge from gate one! The location was perfect for crawling and all the terrain you needed in a relatively small area. No need to walk for days! The cave itself was something to experience. Cannot believe it maintains such a warm temp year round. This place is a must see must Wheel event. Thank you Big Squid as well as the RC Freaks!! You guys blew us away with an amazing event that can really grow quickly I believe! Thank you to all the sponsors. (Please fill in all our sponsors I sure don’t want to leave anyone out). Big thank you to Pro-Line for the honor of representing such a great company and great products! The Krawler KX were on point! They definitely helped me look like I could drive!! Looking forward to the next event! Cannot wait to watch this one grow huge!! This event is a must attend and absolutely the most unique area I have wheeled!! Great job Guys!!

Dennis (Sarge) Carver
Pro-Line Ambassador

“The team at Big Squid RC and St. Louis RC Freaks knocked it out of the park. I’m already looking for to next year’s event!”

Thank you for the hospitality. Make sure and tell Tim that I appreciate him loaning me his rig for the day.

Talk to you soon!


“The Mud, Rocks, and Tears event was outstanding and challenging.


So there ya have it, it sounds like we were on the right path with Mud, Rocks, and Tears. I know we came up with a longggg list of things to improve next time, hopefully we can do a #mrt2019 in the spring of next year!

UDR Review???????

Hey Cubby, where is the Traxxas UDR review????? I’ve been waiting on pins and needles, cough it up!


Cubby- Yo Red, what’s up big fella? Good to hear from you again. And yes, I already know what an enormous Traxxas fan you are.

Our Traxxas Unlimited Desert Truck review has mostly been finished up for a week. Preparation and helping out with Mud, Rocks, and Tears kinda threw a wrench in our initial review release schedule, but that is the nature of the review game. So ya, it may go live late tomorrow (Fri) or on Monday. Either way, crazy cool truck, not much longer on the review.

So there it is folks, another ASK Cubby is in the record books. Have a question? Need an answer? Absolutely need to get a rant off your chest? Shoot me an email- thecubreportrc at gmail dot com.

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