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“Monster Truck

I got a question about building a monster truck out of a crawler. The answer to my question wld been an smt10 or axial bomber kit or an scx10 kit a few years back but now these models are gone so. Also the clod busters is too much money.Is the axial scx10 ii raw builders kit a good kit to start a solid axle mt? And will the st racing lift kit for the scx 10 fit the scx10 ii? If not what is the best kit or rtr crawler that is in production to start an mt build for a person whom cant build their own parts from scratch.

Alberto N.”

Cubby- Well howdy there Alberto, thanks for the email. As usual, if you send me your snail mail, we will hook you up with one of our sticker packs.

BTW, oh BOY, are you in luck! Your prayers have been answered! Just today Axial Racing announced their SMT10 monster truck as a Raw Builders Kit. That’s right, now you can get an SMT10 kit that comes with the chassis, thus letting you do all the building and modifying as you go. The kit version also allows you to use electronics that you already have, plus you’ll need to pick out a body and tires. For someone like you, the SMT10 Raw Builders Kit is perfect! Enjoy, and shoot me an email with some pics when you get done.

“Mini-T 2.0

What mods are you recommending for the new Mini-T? Just picked mine up, can’t wait to send-it!

Nathan M.”

Cubby- Hola there Nathan, thanks for taking the time to write in.

Oh yes, the all new Losi Mini-T 2.0! The Horizon crew is gonna sell a LOT of those this winter. What mods to I recommend?

For general use, the first thing is upgrade front arms. The first batch of 2.0s came with some rather brittle a-arms, but the better replacements are shipping now.

Secondly, I would up the power. Stock, it has good power for driving in a small area. However, I am a big fan of raw wattage, so a Castle brushless system is what I would consider a must. If you are looking for pure insanity, go high kV, if you are looking to keep things somewhat under control, go lower kV.

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