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ASK Cubby – New Year, New Picture


For the love of God Cubby, can we please have a new ASK Cubby picture?

Gene L.”

Cubby- Well howdy there Gene, thanks so much for the handy dandy email. I will put it right here in the huge stack labeled “PLEASE GET A NEW ASK CUBBY PIC”. LOL

But seriously, shoot me your snail mail for a sticker pack. And because your letter was just so exceptionally well written, here ya go, a brand new pic (at least for this week). 🙂

“Industry Information


From having read your Cub Report for what seems like decades, what truck do you think will be the biggest seller in 2019? A new scaler like the Gen8? Or the new large scale Losi SRR? One of the Traxxas trucks?


Patrick C.”

Cubby- Wow, really hard question there Pat, but thanks for writing in.

Ya know, a car released in 18′ may end up being the biggest seller of 2019, but there are a lot of new releases ready to be announced at the Nuremburg show (which starts in just a few days- Jan 30th). And while I would like to give some sort of answer to what will be “big” this year, things seem to change so quickly now days, it is hard to tell. Absolutely, the scale market like RC4WD, Axial, Cross, etc, will remain huge. However, I might expect the manufacturers to take a few chances this year.

Most everyone is looking to dramatically boost sales in 2019, and one way to do that, is to take some risk. Like what kind of risk? A company might sink a LOT of cash into a new scaler that blows everything else out of the water. That truck might sell out instantly and make a LOT of cash for a company! Or it might be “just a bit off” and most people shrug it off. It is a lot of risk to put up big cash for a new car design, but that’s what consumers are the most willing to bust their checkbooks out for.

So we’ll see, I’ll talk more about 2019 in next week’s Cub Report.

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